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ICYMI: A Recap of 2023

As we head into 2024, we want to share some of our favorite posts to recap 2023!

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In May, we shared mental health resources and tips, including strategies for reducing mental health stigma.
Our Elite Comfort Solutions (ECS) Corporate Chemicals Supply Chain team received the Above and Beyond Award from the Mississippi Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.
We invited Jess Morris, HR Manager in Kendallville, Indiana, to share how her branch operates with safety as the focus of everything they do.
We are proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants program, which is aimed at improving energy efficiency across U.S. industries. Check out how a few of our facilities are identifying energy-saving projects.
Our Pullmaflex Automotive team in the United Kingdom prioritizes safety by following behavioral guidelines.
Looking for an internship or know someone who is? Check out the benefits of an internship with us!
Meet Terry Sylvester! Terry is a People First Champion for his branch, a successful business owner at Sylvester’s Luxurious Mobile Detailing, and a podcast host for Surviving StartUp.
Meet Isabel Perez! Isabel is a geosynthetics and engineering professional who’s passionate about building sustainable communities and a champion for inclusion, diversity, and equity.
As a global company, we are proud to employ people from many backgrounds and cultures. We invited Samantha Lewis-Horner, Vice President of HR, to share how she leads an international L&P team.
Many of our teams in North and South America came together to support an important cause — the fight to end breast cancer — and raised more than $23,000 for breast cancer research.

Checking In for World Mental Health Day

October 10 is World Mental Health Day—a time to check in on our mental health.

We know it’s important to ask others how’re they’re doing, but we often forget to ask ourselves or we wait until a major life event to assess how we’re doing. It’s important to routinely reflect on our mental wellbeing so we can address any issues, feel our best, and be better equipped to help others.

For World Mental Health Day, we want to reshare some of our favorite mental health check-in tips:

  1. Schedule time to reflect. Scheduling some personal time can help minimize distractions and create space for us to be fully present with ourselves.
  2. Assess physical health. Physical health and mental health are interconnected, so ensuring that we’re eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting quality sleep can promote good mental health.
  3. Notice feelings and behaviors. Changes in mood or behavior that last two weeks or longer could indicate a mental health issue. If you want help deciding whether or not you should speak to a health care professional about your mental health, check out the National Institute of Mental Health’s (NIMH) one-page guide: My Mental Health: Do I Need Help? For information on starting a conversation with a health care professional, take a look at the NIMH’s Tips for Talking with a Health Care Provider About Your Mental Health.
  4. Know your support system. Whether it’s a single person or multiple people, knowing who we can count on when we need support can make reaching out for help a little easier.
  5. Ensure there’s a source of joy. Doing something that makes us happy, whether that’s a hobby, watching a favorite show, spending time with friends and family, or just relaxing, can help maintain good mental health or improve it.

You can read more about World Mental Health Day and find additional resources here.


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In Case You Missed It: Black History Month

Today concludes Black History Month, and it has been an honor to share the stories of some of our amazing employees during the past few weeks.

In case you missed it, we want to recap what they shared about Black History Month. To read more about each employee, including what they shared about work and what they’re most proud of, click their names below.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and understand Black stories—to learn and spotlight those who have made a difference in our culture and history. It means looking back at the impact that pioneers and leaders of the Black community have had on our community and trying to model my life after some who came before me.
Kenny Gay

“It means lifting each other and inspiring someone to be the best they can be”

Connecting and closing the gap is what Black History Month is to me, as well as every day. It keeps me grounded, thankful for my culture, and thankful for how far we’ve come to accomplish what some believe couldn’t or wouldn’t happen.

It means that, even though we have different skin tones, we are still brothers and sisters, and we all bleed red. It means learning to let go of the past and move forward with love, forgiveness, and strength. It means lifting each other and inspiring someone to be the best they can be. You never know what a kind word can do or how a kind gesture can change someone’s life.

No matter where this life takes you, spread love and kindness instead of hate and evil. Give kindness, regardless of how people act or what they say—rise above that and move forward towards a better future of equality and peace.

Lucy White

“To all my Black heroes, ‘Thank you!'”

To me, Black History Month can be described in one word—sacrifice. There have been so many people who have sacrificed so that me and my family can live the American dream. So, to all of my Black heroes, “Thank you!”
Wilton Hailey

“I celebrate the past, present, and future accomplishments of all African Americans”

While this month is a time of reflection and heightened awareness of Black culture and the accomplishments of African Americans, there is still a lot of work to be done.

During this month and each day, I celebrate the past, present, and future accomplishments of all African Americans and their contributions to society for the greater good. I am proud to be employed by a forward-thinking company that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and caring about people.

Paula Lewis

“I am Black history, 365 days a year”

Black History Month is a time of reflection and recognition, focusing not just on the struggle and pain but also the history, culture, and accomplishments that lead the way for our modern lives. It’s about realizing that Black history is world history, and it is a part of us all. I am Black history, 365 days a year.
Cardinal Ferguson

Black History Month gives me a greater appreciation for all those who have helped bring equality into the world. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to help make a difference at a company like Leggett & Platt.
Mark Phillips

“It’s been instilled in me to always be proud of who you are”

Black History Month means the world to me. As an African American woman, it’s been instilled in me to always be proud of who you are and to never let anyone take that away from you.
Sandrica Hardy

“I personally take this time to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and inspire change for the future”

Black History Month is a time to recognize and honor the contributions, achievements, and struggles of Black people throughout history. It’s a time to acknowledge the impact that Black individuals have had on society, culture, politics, and various fields, even in the face of systemic racism and discrimination. It’s an opportunity to educate ourselves on the history of the Black community, celebrate the accomplishments of Black individuals, and raise awareness of the ongoing fight for racial justice and equality.

For me, Black History Month serves as a reminder of the work that is needed to create a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. I personally take this time to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and inspire change for the future.
Dwayne Phills

In Case You Missed It: A Recap of 2022

As we head into 2023, we want to share some of our favorite posts to recap 2022!

To read the original posts, click the pictures below.

Our Doors program provides interns with opportunities to build experience and connections while having fun! Listen to what a few of our former interns have to say.

Summer Steelman is a Talent Advisor at L&P and uses her incredible background to help people find careers that fit. Read about her journey here.

Harry served our company and communities in so many ways and set the standard for our people-first culture. Click here to read about Harry’s legacy.

Each day, the L&P Imaging team tells the stories of our products. Click here to meet the team behind the scenes.

Workplace safety isn’t just for safety professionals. For tips on how to help maintain a safe workplace, read this post.

Mario’s spirit of giving started in childhood. Read this post to see how Mario’s kindness and generosity have touched many lives.

The generosity of our employees ensures our We Rise program can help support L&P employees affected by catastrophic events or natural disasters. Click here to read about We Rise.

Sometimes, teamwork goes beyond the office. Click here to read how one of our teams came together to care for others.

9 Things We Learned in 2019

Happy (almost) New Year from Leggett & Platt! As we head into 2020, we thought we’d recap 2019 with a few of our favorite posts.

We learned that our founders were awesome leaders ⁠— and two pretty interesting dudes.

We learned that we’re always searching for ways to improve – ourselves, our processes, our methods, our company.

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8 Things We Learned in 2018

Happy (almost) New Year from Leggett & Platt! As we head into 2019, we thought we’d recap 2018 with a few of our favorite posts.

We learned that we’re always improving – ourselves, our processes, our methods, our company.

We learned that career planning is as easy as searching for that next 1-Up mushroom. (Why do I have the Super Mario Bros. song stuck in my head?)

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ICYMI: History Lesson with Leggett & Platt — The Bedspring

Since the Life @ Leggett blog is approaching its one-year anniversary so this week’s posts will spotlight our favorite content from the past year. Up today: a history lesson with the company founders. (*ICYMI is internet slang for “in case you missed it.”) 

History Lesson from Leggett and Platt - The Bedspring


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