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Meaghan Younker

Good conversation–there’s nothing better. I’ve always been a fan of people and the stories they tell. I started my career as a Talent Advisor for Leggett & Platt and got to hear good stories every day throughout the hiring process. Now I'm a Communications Specialist and find myself telling good stories through writing. When I’m not at work, I enjoy photography–telling my own story from behind a camera lens. I’ve also been known to write a poem or two, which stems from a long-held interest in creative writing. After dreaming up wild characters and fantastical plots as a kid, I guess I just couldn’t keep my ideas in my head any longer. Someday you should ask me about Chester the Mini Dragon.

New Year, New Perspectives – Sarah Allen

It’s a new year, folks, and we’ve got some new faces at L&P! Throughout January, we’ll introduce you to several of our recent hires and their thoughts on the year ahead.

Meet Sarah Allen, Commodity Specialist in Purchasing. She started with us in October.

What brought you to Leggett?

I have always heard wonderful things about L&P. In fact, my grandfather was a Risk Manager many years ago for Leggett, and he’s always encouraged me to apply here. I’m so glad I did!

What’s something surprising about you?

At first, I may seem reserved, but I’m actually overly competitive. I played a little bit of every sport in high school and college, and my competitiveness comes out during board games, a bet, you name it.

What’s your biggest goal for 2019?

I want to show kindness to everyone – I think kindness gets lost in negativity these days. Think of how different the world could be if everyone extended kindness and graciousness. That’s the world I want to live in, and so I’ll start with me!

Top 5 Reasons We’re Introducing a Top 5 Series

1. Because we like lists around here! List-making is our love language, so twice per month, we’ll post a new Top 5 list – Top 5 Ways to Make Your Resume Shine, Top 5 Tips to Save for Retirement, Top 5 Fun Facts about L&P’s Founders… just to name a few.

2. Because we’ll share perspectives from subject matter experts. With each Top 5, we’ll talk to L&P employees who really know their stuff. Expect to learn from the best of the best – from all pockets of the company.

3. Because we want you to pick up some handy tips. We’re talking to all you lifelong learners out there.

4. Because we hope you’ll learn something new about L&P. We’re a global manufacturer turning ordinary materials into extraordinary products. And we’ve got quite a story to tell.

5. Because a Top 5 is fun! And we think 2019 is the perfect year to have fun. Stay tuned!

8 Things We Learned in 2018

Happy (almost) New Year from Leggett & Platt! As we head into 2019, we thought we’d recap 2018 with a few of our favorite posts.

We learned that we’re always improving – ourselves, our processes, our methods, our company.

We learned that career planning is as easy as searching for that next 1-Up mushroom. (Why do I have the Super Mario Bros. song stuck in my head?)

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Photo Gallery: Comfort Food Cook-off

Last Friday, our Corporate Headquarters held a huge Comfort Food Cook-off — all to benefit United Way! Departments competed for the title of “Comfort Food Champion” with their best soups and chili. We also had a dessert raffle and baked goods for sale, and many of our executive management team helped to greet and serve meals to our employees. Altogether, we raised $2,800 over the lunch hour! Here are a few favorite pictures from the day.

MFG Day Recap: Pizza and Partnership at Spring Hill

Last Friday, manufacturers across the United States celebrated Manufacturing Day, also known as MFG Day, by opening their doors to showcase the potential of modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

This year, five L&P locations hosted MFG Day activities:

• Flex-O-Lators in Carthage, MO
• Flooring Products in Berwick, PA
• Genesis Seating in Kentwood, MI
• Davidson Plyforms in Grand Rapids, MI
• Adjustable Bed (Consumer Products) in Spring Hill, FL

Our Adjustable Bed branch in Spring Hill, Florida, hosted a representative from NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) and a Recruiter in Workforce Development at Pasco-Hernando State College.

They were also visited by students from Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School.

MFG Day 1

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A Bird’s-Eye View

Up, up, and a w a y ! How cool is this aerial shot of our Corporate Headquarters?

Corporate from the air

Everyday Leggett Life in Chennai, India

India 1

“During a recent audit to our Automotive branch in India, we had a team dinner with our colleagues. This was the final night of the two-week audit and it was a nice time to just laugh and get to know each other better!” Kaycia Frieden, Internal Auditor II. [Chennai, India]

India 2

“Our beautiful mehndi art! It lasts for about 3-4 weeks and was a fun reminder of our time in India.” Lindsey Odaffer, VP – Internal Audit & Due Diligence. [Chennai, India]

India 3

“Classic photobomb by Kaycia! After our audit, we visited the Taj Mahal and spent a few days in Delhi touring the city and embracing the culture.” Derek Durman, Senior Audit Manager. [Agra, India]

Solutions with Impact: Meet Creative Services

CS_standard_w-tag_4C (002)Just across the parking lot from our Corporate Headquarters, you’ll find a group of 35 creative minds brainstorming, storyboarding, and each day delivering solutions to their customers. This is Creative Services, Leggett’s in-house marketing team.

By offering assistance within design, websites, writing, photography, videography, printing, and tradeshows, the Creative Services team completes a remarkable 1,400 projects per year!

Keeping Up with Demand

Creative Services has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1966, when it was a one-man shop devoted to providing logo and design services to Leggett’s customers. “Although it was overhead for Leggett, the initial strategy was to help our customers sell more so they’d buy more Leggett components,” says Susan Chapman, Operations Manager, who joined the department in its early years.

As Leggett began to acquire new businesses, the staff slowly increased as well, but the team was still mostly dedicated to serving clients’ needs, leaving little time for our own branches. In 2008, Creative Services began to focus on creating strategic marketing for our branches, offering them everything from product sheet design to entire ad campaigns composed of videos, websites, and print and web ads.

The many minds of Creative Services. According to Zack Minor, Graphic Designer: “We’ve cultivated a culture of caring for each other, which allows us to have fun together and establishes the trust necessary to collaborate and make bold suggestions in the work we do.”

The many minds of Creative Services. According to Zack Minor, Graphic Designer: “We’ve cultivated a culture of caring for each other, which allows us to have fun together and establishes the trust necessary to collaborate and make bold suggestions in the work we do.”

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A Few Scenes from The Summit

The Emerging Leader Academy (ELA) annual conference is in full swing at our Corporate Headquarters! We’re hosting nearly 100 L&P employees from across the globe to network, learn from senior leaders, and improve business acumen. What a week it’s already been!

Networking 1

CFO Matt Flanigan networks with ELA participants Andy Cline and Travis Sageser.

Networking 2

Sonia Smith, President of European Automotive, and Joe Espinoza, President of Asian Automotive, check in at the start of the conference.

Networking 3

ELA participants Andy Cline and Jennifer Little.

Networking 4

Mitch Dolloff, President of Specialized Products and Furniture Products, opened day two by sharing his vision for the future L&P.

Networking 5

A small warm-up activity for day two.

Networking 6

Our L&D Program Managers, Rob Sotlar and Stephanie Elliott.

ELA Seal Logo

Everyday Leggett Life in Tistrup, Denmark

Nicolas Royer 1

“While visiting our L&P Springs branch in Tistrup, Denmark, I had the chance to capture the magic of the fog on the sea in front of my hotel. It was a very peaceful moment with absolutely no sound or wind.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]

Nicolas Royer 2

“I was mesmerized by these posts. This second picture, taken on the next day of my stay, is equally as beautiful as the first.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]