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Everyday Leggett Life: The Beauty of Croatia

“Sunset in Zadar, which is said to have the most beautiful sunset on earth.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Zadar, Croatia]

“A view from the top of the picturesque waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes.” Kergan Chappel, Internal Auditor, and Ace Pelham, Internal Auditor II. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“The bottom of Plitvice Lakes had waterfalls everywhere and we were LOVING it!” Yvonne Teng, Senior Internal Auditor. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“Kayaking down the waterfalls was exhilarating! Right after this picture was taken, our kayak flipped over! Thank goodness for life jackets.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Waterfalls in Croatia]


Everyday Leggett Life: A Castle in Hardelot, France

“During a recent audit at Specitubes in France, we visited a beautiful castle called the Château d’Hardelot.” Kathy Flinn, Internal Auditor II [Hardelot, France]

“We were able to tour the castle’s interior and walk the remains of the moat that evening. It was a perfect outing to end a busy day of work.” Jacki Allen, Internal Audit Supervisor [Hardelot, France]


Everyday Leggett Life: From the Skies

Josh Horton

“A gorgeous view from a plane ride to visit our LPGS branch in Chicago.” Josh Horton, Procurement Systems Manager in Corporate Purchasing. [Somewhere over Chicago, Illinois, USA]

“We visited our Pegasus facility a few weeks ago to capture video footage and photos of their products and processes around the manufacturing floor.” Evan Younker, Senior Video Editor at Creative Services. [Somewhere over Connecticut, USA]

Travis Almandinger

“My view while returning from a seminar in San Diego.” Travis Almandinger, Associate General Counsel & Deputy Secretary at Corporate. [Somewhere over California, USA]

“I very recently traveled with our Executive team to deliver a presentation and dialogue with employees from our Hanes operations.” Jason Gorham, VP of Human Resources at Corporate. [Somewhere over North Carolina, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life in Chennai, India

India 1

“During a recent audit to our Automotive branch in India, we had a team dinner with our colleagues. This was the final night of the two-week audit and it was a nice time to just laugh and get to know each other better!” Kaycia Frieden, Internal Auditor II. [Chennai, India]

India 2

“Our beautiful mehndi art! It lasts for about 3-4 weeks and was a fun reminder of our time in India.” Lindsey Odaffer, VP – Internal Audit & Due Diligence. [Chennai, India]

India 3

“Classic photobomb by Kaycia! After our audit, we visited the Taj Mahal and spent a few days in Delhi touring the city and embracing the culture.” Derek Durman, Senior Audit Manager. [Agra, India]

Everyday Leggett Life in Tistrup, Denmark

Nicolas Royer 1

“While visiting our L&P Springs branch in Tistrup, Denmark, I had the chance to capture the magic of the fog on the sea in front of my hotel. It was a very peaceful moment with absolutely no sound or wind.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]

Nicolas Royer 2

“I was mesmerized by these posts. This second picture, taken on the next day of my stay, is equally as beautiful as the first.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]

Everyday Leggett Life: Because Work Can Be Fun!

Sarah Bentz

“We’ve been able to explore France during a recent audit. It took us many attempts to get this jumping picture along the English Channel!” Sarah Bentz. Internal Auditor. [Neufchâtel-Hardelot, France]

Tom Howard cropped

“Just having a few laughs on the shop floor.” Tom Howard, Operations Shop Manager at Adjustable Bed. [Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Emily Larson

“After a recent snowfall, I took my cross-country skis out for a spin over lunch!” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Ruby Jack Trail, Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life in Cologne, Germany

Patrick Third 2

“As a Sales Rep, I get to visit our Kintec-Solutions company in Reitberg, Germany. During a recent trip, I traveled to nearby Cologne and saw the Hohenzollern Bridge. You might notice the Cologne Cathedral in the background!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]

Patrick Third 1

“The  Hohenzollern Bridge crosses the River Rhine. I discovered it during a morning jog!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]

Patrick Third 3

“The bridge holds thousands of ‘love locks’ from its visitors. Pretty cool!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]


Everyday Leggett Life Takes Us Sightseeing


“During a recruiting trip, I visited the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers in High Point, North Carolina – the home furnishings capital of the world!” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [High Point, North Carolina, USA]


“A little exploration in NYC after completing the 2-day BDNY 2017 Trade Fair.” Whitney Warren, International Project Manager. [New York City, USA]


“During an audit trip to Seattle, we had a beautiful day of kayaking around Lake Union.” Ryan August, Internal Auditor. [Lake Union, Washington, USA]

Grand Rapids - Fall 2017

“Amazing fall colors in Grand Rapids.” Ryan August, Internal Auditor. [Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life: Adventures in the UK

Train Station

Earlier this summer, our Environmental team spent 8 days in Europe for an Environmental, Health, & Safety conference. Theresa Block, Randi Parmley, and Drinda Smith of Corporate Environmental Affairs. [Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester, UK]

Manchester Cathedral

“We were in awe of gorgeous architecture like this cathedral!” Drinda Smith, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, UK]

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Everyday Leggett Life: Travel Perks

Emily Larson

“When I traveled to our Gribetz facility to help interview candidates, I took a little time to visit the beautiful Everglades.” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Sunrise, Florida, USA]

Don Fifer

“Fine dining at a Japanese restaurant during a business trip.” Don Fifer, Sales Account Manager for the Adjustable Bed Group. [Shanghai, China]

Nathan Herndon

“During a whirlwind trip to Specitubes, we ventured into the nearby town of Samer on our way to Paris. I enjoyed meeting some more of the people who make this Company great.” Nathan Herndon, IT Director at Corporate. [Samer, France]