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Everyday Leggett Life: L&P Goes to Market

The Las Vegas Market happens twice per year to exhibit what’s new and trending in the furniture and home décor market. While many of our employees attend, today’s #EverydayLeggettLife showcases a few scenes from Market through the eyes of Product Manager Don Fifer.

“On the first night of Market, L&P sponsored the Ante4Autism Charity Poker Tournament. We’re proud to be the top sponsor each year.” Don Fifer, Product Manager, Sales. [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

“Me with John Zanatta, our Director of Sales. Yes, we dressed alike!” Don Fifer, Product Manager, Sales. [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

“A beautiful sunrise on my way into the Market. It was such a great few days!” Don Fifer, Product Manager, Sales. [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life: The Beauty of Croatia

“Sunset in Zadar, which is said to have the most beautiful sunset on earth.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Zadar, Croatia]

“A view from the top of the picturesque waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes.” Kergan Chappel, Internal Auditor, and Ace Pelham, Internal Auditor II. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“The bottom of Plitvice Lakes had waterfalls everywhere and we were LOVING it!” Yvonne Teng, Senior Internal Auditor. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“Kayaking down the waterfalls was exhilarating! Right after this picture was taken, our kayak flipped over! Thank goodness for life jackets.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Waterfalls in Croatia]


Everyday Leggett Life: A Castle in Hardelot, France

“During a recent audit at Specitubes in France, we visited a beautiful castle called the Château d’Hardelot.” Kathy Flinn, Internal Auditor II [Hardelot, France]

“We were able to tour the castle’s interior and walk the remains of the moat that evening. It was a perfect outing to end a busy day of work.” Jacki Allen, Internal Audit Supervisor [Hardelot, France]


Everyday Leggett Life: From the Skies

Josh Horton

“A gorgeous view from a plane ride to visit our LPGS branch in Chicago.” Josh Horton, Procurement Systems Manager in Corporate Purchasing. [Somewhere over Chicago, Illinois, USA]

“We visited our Pegasus facility a few weeks ago to capture video footage and photos of their products and processes around the manufacturing floor.” Evan Younker, Senior Video Editor at Creative Services. [Somewhere over Connecticut, USA]

Travis Almandinger

“My view while returning from a seminar in San Diego.” Travis Almandinger, Associate General Counsel & Deputy Secretary at Corporate. [Somewhere over California, USA]

“I very recently traveled with our Executive team to deliver a presentation and dialogue with employees from our Hanes operations.” Jason Gorham, VP of Human Resources at Corporate. [Somewhere over North Carolina, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life in Chennai, India

India 1

“During a recent audit to our Automotive branch in India, we had a team dinner with our colleagues. This was the final night of the two-week audit and it was a nice time to just laugh and get to know each other better!” Kaycia Frieden, Internal Auditor II. [Chennai, India]

India 2

“Our beautiful mehndi art! It lasts for about 3-4 weeks and was a fun reminder of our time in India.” Lindsey Odaffer, VP – Internal Audit & Due Diligence. [Chennai, India]

India 3

“Classic photobomb by Kaycia! After our audit, we visited the Taj Mahal and spent a few days in Delhi touring the city and embracing the culture.” Derek Durman, Senior Audit Manager. [Agra, India]

Everyday Leggett Life in Tistrup, Denmark

Nicolas Royer 1

“While visiting our L&P Springs branch in Tistrup, Denmark, I had the chance to capture the magic of the fog on the sea in front of my hotel. It was a very peaceful moment with absolutely no sound or wind.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]

Nicolas Royer 2

“I was mesmerized by these posts. This second picture, taken on the next day of my stay, is equally as beautiful as the first.” Nicolas Royer, Division Demand Controller. [Tistrup, Denmark]

Everyday Leggett Life: Because Work Can Be Fun!

Sarah Bentz

“We’ve been able to explore France during a recent audit. It took us many attempts to get this jumping picture along the English Channel!” Sarah Bentz. Internal Auditor. [Neufchâtel-Hardelot, France]

Tom Howard cropped

“Just having a few laughs on the shop floor.” Tom Howard, Operations Shop Manager at Adjustable Bed. [Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Emily Larson

“After a recent snowfall, I took my cross-country skis out for a spin over lunch!” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Ruby Jack Trail, Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life in Cologne, Germany

Patrick Third 2

“As a Sales Rep, I get to visit our Kintec-Solutions company in Reitberg, Germany. During a recent trip, I traveled to nearby Cologne and saw the Hohenzollern Bridge. You might notice the Cologne Cathedral in the background!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]

Patrick Third 1

“The  Hohenzollern Bridge crosses the River Rhine. I discovered it during a morning jog!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]

Patrick Third 3

“The bridge holds thousands of ‘love locks’ from its visitors. Pretty cool!” Patrick Third, Sales Representative for International Home Furniture Components. [Cologne, Germany]


Everyday Leggett Life Takes Us Sightseeing


“During a recruiting trip, I visited the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers in High Point, North Carolina – the home furnishings capital of the world!” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [High Point, North Carolina, USA]


“A little exploration in NYC after completing the 2-day BDNY 2017 Trade Fair.” Whitney Warren, International Project Manager. [New York City, USA]


“During an audit trip to Seattle, we had a beautiful day of kayaking around Lake Union.” Ryan August, Internal Auditor. [Lake Union, Washington, USA]

Grand Rapids - Fall 2017

“Amazing fall colors in Grand Rapids.” Ryan August, Internal Auditor. [Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life: Adventures in the UK

Train Station

Earlier this summer, our Environmental team spent 8 days in Europe for an Environmental, Health, & Safety conference. Theresa Block, Randi Parmley, and Drinda Smith of Corporate Environmental Affairs. [Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester, UK]

Manchester Cathedral

“We were in awe of gorgeous architecture like this cathedral!” Drinda Smith, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, UK]

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