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Staying Safe and Clean: How Disinfecting Sprayers Work at L&P

Amidst the pandemic, businesses have adopted new safety measures in order to keep employees safe and operations running. Leggett & Platt is no different – our employees around the world continue to make us proud by committing to safety protocols throughout the workday.

As part of our safety efforts, we’re committed to disinfection measures to keep our facilities clean. One new tool we’ve begun to use is a handheld or backpack-style disinfecting sprayer, which allows cleaning teams to disinfect faster and with more complete coverage than traditional disinfectant spray.

These sprayers have been adopted by schools, airlines, gyms, and countless other businesses since the pandemic began.

A member of the cleaning team at our Automotive facility in Juarez, Mexico, puts the electrostatic sprayer to good use on hard-to-clean equipment.

The science behind the sprayers is interesting: they place a positive charge on the cleaning solution before it enters the nozzle, which is then attracted to negatively charged surfaces when sprayed (most surfaces are negatively or neutrally charged). This allows the sprayers to more completely cover commonly touched or hard-to-clean surfaces and equipment.

The benefits of these sprayers are numerous. “There is no need to wipe a surface after spraying, thereby reducing any cross-contamination that wiping surfaces can cause,” says Josh Ford, a member of our Corporate Procurement team.

“They are easy to operate, require minimal training, and spray up to 65% fewer chemicals than traditional sprayers.” Plus, after spraying, it only takes a few minutes for the surface to dry completely, thus requiring no extra work!

L&P Printing Solutions: Creating the Signs You See

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.

This could never be more true than it is right now. The signage in our facilities is crucial to ensuring our employees stay healthy and informed this year. L&P’s Printing Solutions team plays an integral role in communicating corporate guidance designing, printing, and shipping the signs our teams see every day.

Mary Lytle, Digital Press & Bindery Specialist, carefully sorts and packages a signage order for shipment.

Many of the signs they have created recently were designed to educate and remind workers about the importance of social distancing, wearing masks, and proper hygiene. However, their team is capable of meeting a wide variety of other design and printing needs.

L&P’s internal print shop has the capacity to produce full-color business cards, forms, envelopes, instruction books, labels, and more. For unique printing challenges, such as banners and promotional items, they’ve developed relationships with other printing companies to provide cost-effective outsourcing.

Many of their requests are for L&P facilities. However, L&P Printing Solutions can also work with external clients, with shipping available to anywhere in North America.

“Think of us as your problem solver,” says Susan Chapman, Marketing + Creative Operations Manager. “No matter what printing need someone has, we’ll find a solution. Usually at a better cost, too.”

Signs like these can be seen on the walls throughout our facilities. Many serve as visual reminders to maintain safe and healthy work environments for everyone.

For more information about available services, please contact L&P’s Corporate Office at 417.358.8131 and request to speak with Printing Solutions. 

Top 5 Ways to Find Joy During Quarantine

Spending more time at home over the past few months has been an interesting journey for many of us. Straying from our daily routines and being distanced from friends and family can leave us feeling isolated, stir-crazy, and anxious. Here are our top five things you can do to bring a little more joy to your quarantine:

1. Take a free online class. There are countless resources available online to learn (or hone) a new skill or hobby like yoga, painting, dancing, or cooking. Taking a one-time course or series of courses can provide you with a tangible goal to accomplish, all within the comfort of your own living room (or kitchen, or studio, or garage…).

2. Cook your favorite meal. Perhaps you miss a certain dish from your favorite restaurant, or maybe you haven’t had your aunt’s famous chicken noodle soup in a few months. Now is the perfect time to gather the ingredients and settle in for a delicious meal – and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it!

3. Donate to a local food pantry. With so many people in need right now, there has never been a better time to give. This is also a great way to stay engaged and connected with your community.

4. Perform a random act of kindness. If you’ve ever been in line at a drive-through and had the person in front of you pay for your meal, you know how wonderful that can feel. Random acts of kindness often spur a chain reaction, which can make a whole lot of people feel joy – it can even change a person’s entire day. This can even be as simple as paying someone a compliment!

5. Take a break from social media. Studies have shown that social media can lead to depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has already intensified these feelings, so disconnecting even for one day has the potential to help improve your mood and help you stay fully present in the moment.

Throwback Thursday: Factory Line Machines

Since the early years, our factory lines have featured a vast array of assembly machines — many of which were designed, patented, and built by Leggett & Platt employees.

L&P History Lesson: Partners in Progress

The Partners in Progress award is our company’s highest and most distinguished honor – one that has gone to the great leaders in L&P history.

The origin of Partners in Progress dates back to Everette Wyatt, a sculptor and longtime L&P employee, who was challenged to create a work of art depicting Leggett’s spirit of partnership.

He came up with a sculpture of two individuals pulling together to accomplish a task, which ultimately became both the symbol for and spirit of the award.

A larger-than-life version of this sculpture was dedicated in the mid-1990’s at our Corporate Headquarters.

At the dedication, former board member Herbert Casteel said: “The thousands of men and women who are Leggett & Platt bring to this company a wide variety of talents and a great range of abilities. Yet throughout this company, there is a spirit of partnership, an attitude of mutual respect, a cooperative of effort toward common goals. People count at Leggett & Platt, and therein lies the secret of our success.”

The sculpture at our Corporate Headquarters in Carthage, MO.