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Quick Q&A with Director of Quality and Lean/CI

Silvia Wixson recently assumed an expanded role as Director of Quality Assurance & Lean/CI for US Spring. We spoke to her about her career, as well as her approach to supporting L&P’s operations teams and customers.

1. What led you to pursue a quality assurance position?

When I was selecting my education program, the enthusiasm of the faculty at Pittsburg State University made me take a closer look at earning my degree in engineering technology. Early in my career, I began to focus on Quality and Continuous Improvement (CI) as I worked through Process, Manufacturing, and CI responsibility roles. These opportunities all provided a strong foundation for where I am today.

Over time, I’ve learned the importance of setting yourself and your team up for a continual state of evolvement. Regardless of the role I have today, there’s always a set of processes I can improve upon to achieve higher greatness.

2. What do you find most rewarding about the work that you do? 

We always focus on quality from the top down. It’s very rewarding to be in a position to engage and empower L&P teams to solve problems collaboratively and avoid in-silo activities. I love seeing our folks shine during quality reviews, which allow them to share best practices with their peers and BU leadership.

Success is when we provide our teams the proper tools and structure to address and resolve whatever comes at them. Another aspect that I enjoy is being able to work closely with other employees who have unique expertise such as our Product Development and Manufacturing Engineers. By collaborating as a team, we’re able to develop robust solutions for both our internal teams and external customers.

3. What’s something surprising about you?

Coming from Paraguay, I wasn’t exposed to country music as I grew up. Many of my friends and family find it surprising how much I love this music genre. I consider it an accomplishment that I’ve been able to convert my better half, Todd Wixson, into an avid Chris Stapleton fan!

Redesigned with You in Mind: Leggett’s New Website

Have you noticed? has a brand new look!

Our Marketing + Creative team worked hard to bring the updated website to life. The overhaul includes a fresh new design, streamlined navigation, and improved performance on mobile devices.

Now, it’s much easier to find everything you’re looking for, including information about our businesses, investor reports, and available employment opportunities. It also accommodates a wide range of browsers, devices, and operating systems – making your experience simpler and more efficient.

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Delivering Millions of Masks

Doing our part to keep our employees safe!

Comfort Connect Team Spotlight: Ashton McGehee

Our new LP Comfort Connect technology provides a unique platform for delivering smart, customizable products to our customers. However, this innovation would never have been possible without the dedicated work of our Comfort Connect team. They collaborated for several years to find unique solutions, improve processes, and differentiate our company in the marketplace through the development of this technology. Today we shine a light on just one of those team members. 

Ashton McGehee began her career at Leggett in 2017, when she was hired as a Product Documentation Intern. That opportunity taught her a lot about our company and our products, as she designed and illustrated user manuals and operating guides. Having since accepted a full-time position as an Industrial & Graphic Designer, her project scope has expanded to include component design, concept animations, and assembly videos as well.

Ashton’s supervisor, impressed with her dedication and design skills, recommended her to join the development team of L&P’s new Comfort Connect™ technology – proprietary hardware and software which are integrated to support L&P’s newest adjustable bed product. All movements and feature sets of the bed are controlled through the LP Comfort Connect™ app, which was also developed by the team.

For her role, Ashton was tasked with designing and illustrating the assembly guide, remote guide, and instructional manual for the bed. She also designed the remote, icons and branding for the app.

“I’m really proud of the screenshots I designed for the app store and the icon for the app itself,” says Ashton. “I’ve never worked on a mobile application professionally before. It was really interesting, and I definitely learned a lot.”

Designing the app icon was a particular challenge because the team wanted a design that would be a true reflection of the product’s user benefits and future capabilities. Ultimately, Ashton and Scott Clark, Director of Marketing + Creative, combined several of their ideas to form the final design. The icon incorporates a house, which they felt represents the way Comfort Connect™ technology allows the consumer to tailor a key part of every home, the bedroom, to meet their specific needs.

Ashton has enjoyed having the opportunity to participate on this project, because it allowed her to design in new formats and to follow a new product from concept through development. However, she also appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with the team.

“Everyone I work with has been very professional and super enthusiastic about this project,” shares Ashton. “I can really thrive in such a positive and energetic work environment.”

Manufacturing Masks to Protect L&P Employees

Since September 2020, employees at Porter-Machine Products in Carthage, Missouri, have been manufacturing general purpose masks internally to meet the production needs of all of our North American facilities.

“It has been amazing to see so much innovation within our facilities,” said Vanessa Gile, Senior Procurement Operations Specialist. “Many of our branches have stepped up, shown that they have a capability, and worked to provide the safety products our employees need.”

Resting Comfortably for 49 Years

We recently received this wonderful note from a longtime satisfied customer:
“My mother bought me a beautiful French provincial bedroom suite when I was 4 years old. Through the years, I changed my furniture and top mattress but kept the box springs.
My husband and I recently bought a queen-sized bed and had to replace my sweet box spring. As I was loading it up on the truck to haul to the dump, I noticed the tag still attached. The date was 1974.

I could not believe it. I just want you to know that your product has held up 3 children and a couple who is now turning 49 years old. Wow… just wow! Thank you for your perfect craftsmanship.”

Fogger Machines Provide Powerful Disinfection

Gary Spruce, Advanced Maintenance and Repair at L&P’s Branch 0001, makes quick use of a fogger machine to disinfect shared spaces between shifts. These machines are just one of the many ways we are working to protect the health and safety of our employees.

International Day of Happiness

March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. How will you celebrate?

Top 5 Tips to Celebrate Safely During Spring Holidays

Spring is in the air and Spring Break is on our minds. With the pandemic still active around us, we’re finding ways to prioritize our own health while also working to protect the safety of those around us. Here are our Top 5 Tips to help you have a happy and healthy spring season.

1. Consider a “stay-cation” at home. Finding new activities at home or around your hometown may spark some of the best memories ever!

2. Get Outdoors. Hiking, kayaking, a picnic, or even a weekend camping trip are safer ways to enjoy a beautiful change of scenery.

3. Recreate your favorite vacation at home. Are you missing your favorite vacation destination? Recreate it, and avoid the risks associated with airports and a new city. For example, a themed meal, reading in a hammock, a foreign film, or a spa night may help you feel like you’ve gotten away – without the jet lag!

4. Find fun activities with members of your household. Spend time playing games together, have a movie marathon, or learn a new hobby. Just be sure to take plenty of photos!

5. Plan and prepare. There’s no time like the present to consider where you’d like to visit once it is safer again. Research destinations, plan your budget, and work out the details so you’ll be prepared for your next adventure.

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