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Happy Retirement, Marty!

Congratulations to Marty Carpino for retiring after 36 years of service to our L&P Carthage Wire Mill!

In Marty’s words:

“I’ve spent the last 36 years working at the L&P Wire Mill. I started in 1986, when Ronald Reagan was the U.S. President. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series the year before I started, and I had to wait until 2015 for them to win another.

Thanks to L&P, I traveled to Washington, D.C.; Kouts, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Worcester, Massachusetts; and many other places. On the trip to D.C., I had the opportunity to be at a meeting with Vice President Al Gore on safety in the workplace.

Today I look forward to my new beginnings in retirement. To all of my coworkers, thanks for all the memories. That is what I will miss most!”

A Peek Behind the Scenes: Spotlight on L&P’s Imaging Team

At L&P, we manufacture countless products across several industries – bedding, home and work furniture, aerospace, and automotive to name a few. To help our businesses make their products and stories stand out, our in-house team of dedicated designers, photographers, and videographers work together to bring their creative visions to life.

Meet the L&P Imaging team, the folks behind the lenses (and screens).

Evan Younker, Imaging Director

As part of the Imaging team, my days and tasks can vary wildly from one to the next. Generally, I will be either capturing or directing a photo/video shoot in the studio or on location, editing video or photos, or managing and prepping for future projects.

I’ve always enjoyed making and creating things of all kinds. I started shooting video on my parents’ VHS camcorder when I was young and have enjoyed video production and photography since. Initially, I wanted to do feature film production, but I now enjoy producing content for a variety of products and projects.

What I enjoy most about my role is learning and growing a variety of skillsets. Project management, marketing consultation, art direction, and video production are all elements of what I do at L&P. I enjoy being involved in all aspects of the process.

Tony Monteleone, Video Production Editor

Every day in my role as a Video Production Editor is different, and that really makes my job rewarding. My tasks all fall into the pre-production, production, post-production circle; and often we have multiple projects happening simultaneously. During the day, it’s not uncommon to discuss a storyboard in the morning then spend the afternoon on set capturing images or fine-tuning a video.

My interest in filming probably started somewhere between my grandma giving me film boxes to teeth on and dad buying a VHS camcorder in the early 90’s – I’ve just always enjoyed telling stories through images.

Teamwork is the most valuable aspect of my role. We all bring unique experience and outstanding technical knowledge to the projects. I always look forward to what happens when we combine those talents and deliver content that exceeds client expectations.

Kayley Baumhover, Interior Designer

A typical day as an Interior Designer at L&P is usually spent looking for props, photoshopping sets, tracking budgets, meeting with clients to discuss their vision and ideas, and making revisions so that everyone is on the same page and telling the same story.

I’ve always loved to create – I went to school for theatre and took multiple design classes in college. My dad is also a general contractor, so I’ve learned a lot about design just by being around him!

I really enjoy the sense of pride when finishing a creative project. Seeing ideas come to life is such an amazing and gratifying feeling. I enjoy working in a team environment that’s focused on and working towards a common goal. Seeing that goal completed is one of my favorite feelings!

Levi DeWitt, Editor/Motion Designer II

In my role, I spend most days editing videos in After Effects or Premiere Pro, but on production days, I’m either in the studio or on-site filming.

Graphics and video production have been one of my biggest passions for years. Being a part of a team that works to bring ideas to life is part of what thrills me about creative work. I studied graphic communications at Pittsburg State University hoping that someday I could find a position with a company’s in-house graphics team. I assumed I would have to move to a big city to find that, but little did I know that I’d find exactly what I was looking for right here in Carthage!

I love the variety and challenge of my work – our team receives all sorts of requests from L&P’s variety of businesses. It’s a lot of fun to approach new project as a problem and work together to find the best way to solve it.

Tyler Kosiorek, Photographer

One of my favorite elements of being an L&P photographer is the variety of work I get to do. I might be on set taking photos one day and re-touching images the next. When I think I’ve finally found a typical workday, something new pops up.

About 25 years ago, I picked up a camera and haven’t put it down since. Consequently, I went to school for art and decided to round out my education with an additional degree in commercial photography. I still get to make art with a camera, which is what I really enjoy doing.

I’m so thankful that I’m able to come to work and create something every single day – I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Opening Doors for the Military Community at L&P

Summer Steelman had big dreams for her life: She wanted to become a dancer and was even scheduled for several auditions on Broadway. But after the events of September 11, 2001, her plans changed.

“After 9/11, I decided to join the military. I became a Linguist, or a translator, in the Air Force and served for five years,” she explains. She originally planned on serving in the military for her entire career, but an injury prevented her from doing so.

When she was stationed in Hawaii, she met her now-husband, Matthew, who was also serving in the Air Force. Matt continues to serve today, marking 19 years of active duty.

When Summer decided to go back to school, her grandfather encouraged her to find out what she was most passionate about and pursue it as a career. “My grandfather, a WWII veteran, my hero and mentor, gave me the push I needed to search for my path,” she says.

Summer and her grandparents after her graduation from basic training.

After several different career assessments, she decided to get her degree in psychology. Not only did she enjoy the counseling aspect of her degree, but the career counseling aspect in particular. This led to a job at her university’s career office, where she became interested in participating in career fairs, giving resume advice, and helping students find jobs.

“All this led to my search for a job where I could focus on recruiting full-time,” she explains. “I’m thankful that I found my path and now get to help other veterans and military spouses find their dream jobs.”

As a Talent Advisor at L&P, Summer is passionate about making career resources more accessible to the military community.

“I’m very excited to be part of a team that is open to hearing my perspective as a veteran and military spouse,” she said. “I get to use my personal experience to help improve our recruitment efforts for the military community as well as improve access to resources for them.”

Summer also encourages veterans and military spouses who are looking for career support to reach out to their fellow military community. “It can feel overwhelming to navigate the Transition Assistance Program alone,” she says.

The Transition Assistance Program, or TAP, is a government program that provides those leaving military service with information, tools, and training to prepare them for civilian life.

“My advice would be to talk to other people that have gone through it and take advantage of the resources available to you. You’re not alone – there are people who want to help you take the next step in your career.”

“I’m Proud of the Teamwork at L&P”

“I help make innersprings at L&P Brazil. I’ve worked here for almost 14 years! I’m proud of the teamwork at L&P. I know that I’m part of a good and welcoming company.”

Josilaine Moreira Alves De Oliveira, Production Specialist

“This Month is a Reminder of the Progress We’ve Attained and What Has Yet to Come”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Brandon Love, Welder at our Work Furniture facility in Sparta, Michigan. He’s worked with us for 2 years.

“My primary role is welding, but I also have experience in fabrication, bending, and working in the robotics department.

I enjoy the work environment the most. Everyone is helpful and wants to see you succeed, which causes a close-knit and friendly atmosphere, making the job feel more like a ‘home’.                                               

I am most proud of the lifestyle I’m able to uphold and the positive benefits that affect my close family and friendships because of my job. 

This month is not only the celebration of the achievements of African Americans, but also a reminder of the progress we’ve attained and what has yet to come. Black History Month creates a narrative of overcoming adversity and creating a generation of every race, color, or creed which will be more understanding and accepting than the last.”

“What I Enjoy Most About My Job is Communicating, Connecting, and Helping People”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Roderick Brazil, Warehouse Manager at our Furniture Distribution Center in Conover, North Carolina. He’s been working with us for 15 years.

“I started my career through the prison work release program as a Bed Assembler and then switched jobs to Order Picker. Once I got on the Shipping/Receiving side, I saw an opportunity and started learning all the ins and outs of the operation.

This learning allowed me to be promoted to the Warehouse Lead. My manager, Faye Bolick, took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, which helped me to get into my current role as Warehouse Manager.  

What I enjoy most about my job is communicating, connecting, and helping people. This is important to me because I like to build relationships with the employees as well as the customers. Being in a position where I can help people grow and see their potential is exciting.

I am most proud of my two sons. Black history gives me the chance to look back at the hard work and the paths that were paved for me to grow and be where I am today.”    

“Giving Back and Paying It Forward is Something I Try to Do Daily”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Terry Sylvester, Fabrication Welder at our Work Furniture facility in Sparta, Michigan. He’s been with us since 2019.

“I most enjoy the environment that L&P has to offer. I like to surround myself with positivity. I also enjoy the people that I work with daily, which is important because most of your time is spent with your coworkers. Having an enjoyable atmosphere while working everyday adds value to my job. 

I am most proud of being a father — my three kids come before anything. I try to set the best example I can for them, giving back and paying it forward is something I try to do daily. Show and teach them along the way.

The celebration of achievements and contributions of Black individuals during the month of February reminds me of growth and setting that example daily. To see where we started, to learn and grow along the way is something to be proud of for anyone. But, the milestones that Black individuals accomplished is motivation to continue to strive for the top.”

“I’m Reminded of the Strength of Trailblazers Who Came Before Me”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Anita Gore. Anita is Senior Manager of Compliance and Systems Integration for Hanes, a division of L&P. She’s been with Hanes for nearly 22 years.

“In my role, I work to review and verify that our internal processes adhere to our company policies and procedures. My position allows me to learn everything from product pricing to shipping and receiving. Every day is a new learning experience! 

In life, I am most proud of my family, who has supported me throughout my career. My parents provided a firm foundation and made sacrifices to allow me to flourish. I am proud of how tight-knit and supportive we are of each other.

Black History Month is a platform to reflect on the struggles and accomplishments of Black women and men everywhere. U.S. history spent many years denying the achievements and accomplishments of Black people in America, and February brings those achievements to the forefront. It is a time to recognize and pay homage to those who paved the way for future Black engineers, scientists, doctors, businesspeople. 

This month concentrates on Black history to allow African American children to see that they have role models who look like them. When I reflect, I consider myself fortunate to have grown up with my great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents. I got firsthand knowledge of the struggles during segregation and the continued inequality that exists in America. 

This month, I’m reminded of the strength of trailblazers who came before me and how their hard work allowed me to have opportunities to excel. Failure to take advantage of those opportunities is a disparagement to my ancestors.

Black History month is a reminder that there is still a glass ceiling for Black people. The ceiling is moving upward and there are cracks and holes in the glass that have allowed some to move higher. We still have work ahead to gain true equality, but I am proud of the progress made. My responsibility now is to continue that progress and be a mentor to other Black individuals.”    

“Without Those Who Sacrificed Before Me, There Would Be No Me”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Antonio Mitchell. He is Warehouse Operations Manager for Hanes Geo Components in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has been with L&P since 2004.

“When I started in the Hanes Dye & Finishing division, I was a Pad Inspector. I have been promoted into various roles over the years – Forklift Operator, Cycle Counter, and Shipping/Production Supervisor to name a few.

Now, as Operations Manager, what I enjoy most about my job is traveling to other locations and meeting new faces under the Hanes Geo umbrella. This allows me to continue to sharpen my career skills to become a better employee and manager. I also love the new adventures of day-to-day operations and seeing ideas and plans come together.

February means a lot to me. The first thing that comes to my mind is the continuous change happening throughout the world. It’s a month to create opportunity and be great at all we do.

I am thankful every day for what our ancestors, activists, scientists, and inventors have contributed to the world as a whole. From Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks who galvanized the civil rights movement, to Madam C.J. Walker and George Washington Carver who became self-made millionaires. From Langston Hughes, a famous poet in the Harlem Renaissance, to Carter G. Woodson, a famous scholar, educator, and publisher, to Thurgood Marshall, the first African American appointed to Supreme Court – without those who sacrificed before me, there would be no me. Celebrating Black history is every day for me.”

“I Try to Be a Life Saver to My Colleagues”

During Black History Month, we’re inviting L&P employees to share about what inspires them most.

Meet Portia Phifer, HR and Safety Manager at our Flooring Products facility in Statesville, North Carolina. She has worked with us for 4 years.

“As HR and Safety Manager, I most enjoy meaningful interactions with our people. If there are issues that they need help with, I am here to assist them. I pride myself on being approachable and easy to talk to. I even keep a dish of Life Savers on my desk as a reminder that I will definitely try to be a ‘life saver’ to my colleagues and in matters at our workplace.

I am most proud that while I didn’t take a traditional route of furthering my education, I was able to complete two degrees as a working adult.

I am excited that Leggett & Platt sees the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans. We benefit from many inventions on a daily basis that were directly contributed by African Americans. While I try to reflect on the history of African Americans on a consistent basis, this month’s acknowledgments and celebrations make me proud of the contributions made by people like me.

I think it’s important for my grandchildren to understand that they stand on the shoulders of great men and women, and they can accomplish great things as well.”