Pullmaflex’s Behavioral Approach to Safety

The Pullmaflex Automotive team in Ammanford, UK, takes a behavioral approach to safety. They understand that risk is a part of everyday life, and while they cannot eliminate risk, they can work to mitigate the impact of those risks.

“Most safety-related incidents occur when an individual is looking for the most direct, time efficient, or effective way to perform a task,” says Clare Rees, HR Business Partner at Pullmaflex. “By observing those routine tasks and understanding the natural path of an activity, we can find solutions that reduce risk by appealing to natural instincts.”

The team drives change in behavior by understanding the actions that cause the safety risks and simplifying those actions to make them more aligned with natural impulses.

“By understanding the true root cause of an action, we can manage the risk of reoccurrence by driving change in the behavior.”

The team drives this change by following guidelines like these:

  • Collaborate, communicate, listen, and understand
  • Celebrate safe behaviors
  • Identify risk and support change with positive reinforcement 
  • Always ask why and avoid blame
  • Support managers to reassess their environments with fresh eyes

Thank you to the Ammanford team for upholding our value of putting people first!