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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cybersecurity starts with YOU and is everyone’s responsibility. There are currently an estimated 5.2 billion Internet users—over 65% of the world’s population! This number will only grow, making the need to #BeCyberSmart more important than ever.

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Happy Manufacturing Day!

Today is Manufacturing Day in the United States and we celebrate all those who proudly stand behind our goods and services. We are committed to developing quality products and unlocking innovative technologies to grow our economy. Today’s employees will power the next chapter of American production and innovation.

Global Network Transformation Project Seeking Talent

Employees in L&P’s Information Technology (IT) department work quietly behind the scenes to maintain our computer systems, analyze and reduce cybersecurity risks, and develop solutions which improve the ways our teams communicate with one another.

In an effort to enable business growth, the IT department has launched a new Global Network Transformation (GNT) project that will both modernize and enhance security for the global network. This multi-year project will enable the transition from distributed manufacturing applications to centralized cloud-based systems.

The GNT project will increase efficiency and enhance security for the global network including migration to redundant circuits, implementation of a SDWAN platform, and network segmentation.

“We are currently in the process of hiring an entire team of people to execute this project,” says Travis O’Neill, Director of Cloud Services & Network Infrastructure. “It’s such an exciting opportunity. GNT will completely change the way we support our branches around the world.”

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L&P Acquires BS Steel

On May 31, 2021, Leggett & Platt’s Trio Line Polska work furniture business in Poznan, Poland acquired BS Steel.  BS Steel is a Polish manufacturer of bent metal tubing for furniture used in office, residential, and other settings, and the company has been an important supplier to TL Polska historically.  BS Steel will become part of the Trio Line Polska organization.

BS Steel was founded in 2006 and was operated by Bjorn Bahnsen and Steen Sorensen, who have been key business partners for L&P’s Work Furniture Group through the years.  As part of this transaction, Bjorn and Steen also invested into Trio Line Polska, forming a joint venture with Leggett & Platt.  We look forward to working together with them to continue to grow the business.

We welcome the 63 BS Steel employees to the Trio Line Polska / Leggett & Platt family!

Redesigned with You in Mind: Leggett’s New Website

Have you noticed? has a brand new look!

Our Marketing + Creative team worked hard to bring the updated website to life. The overhaul includes a fresh new design, streamlined navigation, and improved performance on mobile devices.

Now, it’s much easier to find everything you’re looking for, including information about our businesses, investor reports, and available employment opportunities. It also accommodates a wide range of browsers, devices, and operating systems – making your experience simpler and more efficient.

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Delivering Millions of Masks

Doing our part to keep our employees safe!

Manufacturing Masks to Protect L&P Employees

Since September 2020, employees at Porter-Machine Products in Carthage, Missouri, have been manufacturing general purpose masks internally to meet the production needs of all of our North American facilities.

“It has been amazing to see so much innovation within our facilities,” said Vanessa Gile, Senior Procurement Operations Specialist. “Many of our branches have stepped up, shown that they have a capability, and worked to provide the safety products our employees need.”

Fogger Machines Provide Powerful Disinfection

Gary Spruce, Advanced Maintenance and Repair at L&P’s Branch 0001, makes quick use of a fogger machine to disinfect shared spaces between shifts. These machines are just one of the many ways we are working to protect the health and safety of our employees.

The ADKAR Model: A Change Management Tool We Can Use Every Day

This year has unfolded with many unexpected changes, and sometimes it can all feel overwhelming. We asked one of our Managers of Change Excellence at L&P to weigh in on the topics of change, uncertainty, and how to move forward.

She said one change management concept that comes to mind can be used both at work and at home – the ADKAR model, which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. This model originated from Prosci to guide organizational change.

“We can make change easier by applying this model to our own personal experiences, and also reduce those ‘out-of-control’ feelings,” she said.

She gave us a quick look at the model and how we can take bits and pieces of it for our own unique circumstances.

Awareness. First, you must try to understand what any specific change is about – why it’s happening and when, who is involved, and what needs to be done about it.

Desire. Next, you need to have a reason to want to make the change. This can mean looking at what you have to gain, but it can also involve understanding the adverse consequences of not changing. For example, you may consider continuing your education in order to advance your career. But you might alternatively consider the impact on you and your family’s future by not pursuing it (i.e., what might it mean not to pursue a higher salary?).

Knowledge. Learning what you need to know in order to succeed is very important. In business, we typically offer various types of training. You can also ask a more experienced friend or family member for insight, do a little research, or even practice to help you feel some competence or mastery. For example, if you would like to learn how to fish, you might check out some fishing videos and ask a friend or family member with experience for help getting started.

Ability. Ask yourself what you need in order to succeed. Look for enablers and barriers. In the fishing example, some enablers would include fishing gear and access to water. Lack of time or even the wrong bait would be barriers to your success.

Reinforcement. Listen for feedback – which can come in many forms. Also, reward yourself for making your change, whatever it is, and keep in mind that small rewards along the way are usually more effective than a big reward at the end.