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Motion Furniture Mechanisms

We make motion furniture mechanisms, just like the one below! You can find them in a variety of seating applications: chairs, loveseats, sofas, and outdoor furniture.

Our mechanisms are specifically engineered to offer modular solutions for furniture. Components can be combined to complete a finished chair or seat – with recliner mechanism, headrest, armrest, and more – giving furniture designers a unique level of flexibility.

Sewing & Upholstery at Work Furniture

Our Work Furniture Group has a complete upholstery department with cut-and-sew capabilities. Our highly skilled employees are qualified in upholstering curved plywood and solid wood frames and can offer their expertise from new product development to full upholstery production – from all types of fabric to leather!

Vehicle Seating & Lumbar Support

L&P Automotive is the world’s foremost designer and manufacturer of automotive seating support and comfort systems.

With products such as pneumatic and mechanical lumbar systems, multi-zone massage lumbar systems, seat cushion suspension, and bolster systems, L&P Automotive helps provide optimum support for all passengers, in anything from compact cars to luxury sedans.

Drawn Wire

Our Drawn Wire group supplies high-quality wire and wire products to customers around the world. We supply annealed and galvanized wire to various industries (think appliance, construction, automotive, furniture, and bedding, for example).

Quality is important to us. Whether it originates from our steel mill or from one of our trusted suppliers, wire is held to the same stringent requirements to assure maximum reliability and consistency.

Our annealed wire goes through an in-process annealing that heat-treats wire to restore ductility, making it easier to work with.

Our galvanized wire is available in both high-carbon and low-carbon options. This process keeps wire protected against scratches, rusting, and corrosion.

Standard Pocket Coil

Our standard and compact pocketed innersprings are comfortable and supportive. Individually pocketed coils conform to the contours of the body for superior comfort and reduced partner disturbance.

And since we draw our own wire, we guarantee the quality.

Sleep Chill + Mattress Protector

For your best sleep yet, the Sleep Chill + Mattress Protector from our Consumer Products Group uses advanced Aere™ Crystal gel-infused fibers that cool the surface while wicking away any heat and moisture. The ultra-soft fabric also provides a soothing, luxurious feel for maximum comfort.

Silent Walk™

Silent Walk™ acoustic underlay is moisture-resistant, versatile cushion for use under floating hardwood and laminate flooring installations.

Know someone with thunderous footsteps? They need this. It suppresses the sound created by hard floors while enhancing the comfort of the room!

EZPRO Wallhugger

The new EZPRO Wallhugger from Furniture Components is ergonomically designed to reduce the gap between the seat and back cushions. Its backrest pivot points have been relocated to the optimum position in the mechanism, allowing them to uniquely correspond to the same pivot points in the human body.

Formed Wire

Our Formed Wire Division offers manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico with diverse capabilities of wire forming services, 2D and 3D forming, robotics, and in-house powder coating! Check out some of our one-of-a-kind formed wire products.

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Quantum Edge

Our Quantum® Edge unit features side rails made up of our narrow-diameter Quantum coils with Caliber steel coils at the head and foot. It lasts longer and supports better than typical foam edges, keeping folks from feeling like they’re going to roll off the side.

Quantum Edge