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Meaghan Younker

Good conversation–there’s nothing better. I’ve always been a fan of people and the stories they tell. I started my career as a Talent Advisor for Leggett & Platt and got to hear good stories every day throughout the hiring process. Now I'm a Communications Specialist and find myself telling good stories through writing. When I’m not at work, I enjoy photography–telling my own story from behind a camera lens. I’ve also been known to write a poem or two, which stems from a long-held interest in creative writing. After dreaming up wild characters and fantastical plots as a kid, I guess I just couldn’t keep my ideas in my head any longer. Someday you should ask me about Chester the Mini Dragon.

Everyday Leggett Life: Adventures in the UK

Train Station

Earlier this summer, our Environmental team spent 8 days in Europe for an Environmental, Health, & Safety conference. Theresa Block, Randi Parmley, and Drinda Smith of Corporate Environmental Affairs. [Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester, UK]

Manchester Cathedral

“We were in awe of gorgeous architecture like this cathedral!” Drinda Smith, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, UK]

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Everyday Leggett Life: Travel Perks

Emily Larson

“When I traveled to our Gribetz facility to help interview candidates, I took a little time to visit the beautiful Everglades.” Emily Larson, Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Sunrise, Florida, USA]

Don Fifer

“Fine dining at a Japanese restaurant during a business trip.” Don Fifer, Sales Account Manager for the Adjustable Bed Group. [Shanghai, China]

Nathan Herndon

“During a whirlwind trip to Specitubes, we ventured into the nearby town of Samer on our way to Paris. I enjoyed meeting some more of the people who make this Company great.” Nathan Herndon, IT Director at Corporate. [Samer, France]

Everyday Leggett Life in Western Michigan

Fredrick 2

“During a recent trip to interview candidates at Genesis Seating, a colleague showed me around Grand Haven – only a short 40-minute drive from Grand Rapids.” Fredrick Njoroge, Senior Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Grand Haven, Michigan, USA]

Fredrick 1

“Sand volleyball on the shores of Lake Michigan!” Fredrick Njoroge, Senior Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Grand Haven, Michigan, USA]

Fredrick 3

“After working all day at Genesis Seating, I enjoyed a nice dinner and took in the sights of downtown Grand Rapids.” Fredrick Njoroge, Senior Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA]

Fredrick 4

“I capped off my trip with a walk down the Grand Haven pier. I’m thankful for the opportunity to enjoy sights like this while on business trips!” Fredrick Njoroge, Senior Talent Advisor at Corporate. [Grand Haven, Michigan, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life: How We Work

Kevin Nolte

“Learn. Work. Have fun. I try to keep all three balanced throughout my day, and my workspace shows it!” Kevin Nolte, Mechanical Engineer at Adjustable Bed. [Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Melissa McAskill

“Every day I pass this milestone board, and I’m impressed and inspired by our long-term employees. It says a lot about our branch and Leggett & Platt as a whole.” Melissa McAskill, HR Manager at Ennis Spring. [Ennis, Texas, USA]

“Since I’m in a creative role, I use a lot of sticky notes for reminders and sudden strokes of inspiration.” Abby DeWelt, L&D Design Specialist at Corporate. [Carthage, Missouri, USA]

Everyday Leggett Life in Bentonville, Arkansas

Simon Dootson 1

“After recently attending a three-day L&P leadership conference at Corporate, a friend of mine who lives in Arkansas arranged for his friend to fly me to dinner in his light aircraft!” Simon Dootson, General Manager at David Hart Aerospace Pipes – England. [Joplin, Missouri, USA]

Simon Dootson 2

“The three of us had dinner at The Flying Catfish (great fish tacos!) before we flew back to Joplin, landing on a grass field airstrip after dark.” Simon Dootson, General Manager at David Hart Aerospace Pipes – England. [Bentonville, Arkansas, USA]

Simon Dootson 3

“It was a beautiful sunset and topped off an incredible week visiting Corporate!” Simon Dootson, General Manager at David Hart Aerospace Pipes – England. [somewhere in between Bentonville, Arkansas and Joplin, Missouri]

Photo Gallery: Leggett Learn-A-Rama

Last Friday, our Corporate Office got groovy. The 1970s-themed Learn-A-Rama showcased various departments, the faces behind the scenes, and what exactly they do every day. Our employees strolled through the booths and received helpful info on what goes on outside of their own departments. We played games, snacked, solved puzzles… even danced to the Y.M.C.A.! It was a wild success! Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day.

New Series: Everyday Leggett Life

We’ve said it before, but we have the most incredible employees at Leggett & Platt. Our people live and work all around the world, bringing unique backgrounds and expertise to their roles. Though we all work for the same company, what we see and do every day is exceptionally diverse.

This series will celebrate that diversity. We’ll feature photos taken by our very own employees—from China to Mexico and everywhere in between—showcasing snapshots from their day-to-day work lives. From the top of a neatly (or not-so) organized desk to a sunny view out an office window, or from folks working together on a production floor to relaxing on a lunch break – this is #EverydayLeggettLife!

“I drove to work in rush hour traffic every day for years. Now on my way to Leggett, I drive backroads with scenery like this!” Ken Southwick, Senior Designer at Creative Services. [Carthage, Missouri, USA]

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