World Health Day 2022

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Company Spotlight: Adcom Wire Company

Throughout April, we’re highlighting people, places, and products within our Industrial Products segment. Today we’re pleased to spotlight Adcom Wire Company, part of L&P’s drawn wire division.

Employees at Adcom Wire Company in Jacksonville, Florida, produce massive spools of drawn steel wire. It’s ultimately used to make products like paint can handles, bailing wire for recycling compactors, and coiled bedsprings.

While the processes to produce that wire rarely change, employees still look for ways to innovate. It often involves developing solutions to improve safety practices and drive sustainability. They’re constantly working to expand their recycling program and reduce energy consumption. They’ve also made drastic improvements in safety compliance.

Brandon Killian (left) at a recent wire mill energy event.

“There’s never a dull moment,” says Brandon Killian, Safety and Purchasing Manager.  “Every new challenge forces us to think outside the box.” Continue reading