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Rebekah Olson

About Rebekah: My love of words began at an early age: speaking in rhymes and alliterations just because I liked the sound of them. As I grew, I began to appreciate the way words connected to create images in poetry and the impact they had on others as a story. I believe it was this initial fascination (paired with a little design and technical knack) that led me into the Learning Design Specialist position at Leggett & Platt. Now I get to leverage words, visuals, and learning strategies to contribute to the professional development of our people. The work is challenging and creative which keeps me engaged, but it’s the give back element that makes it all worthwhile.

10 Customer-Relationship Commandments

Note: This material was pulled from our in-house class, Customer Focus, taught by Director of Learning & Development Alissa Owsley. For more learning content like this, check out our 2-part SlideShare series on The Art of Coaching Employees and 6 Truths about Persuasion.

At Leggett & Platt we equate good customer service with good relationship-building skills. The bond between you and your customer—whether within your company (say a peer or your boss) or external (the traditional “customer”)—is just that, a relationship that needs attention and takes work.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with 10 universal customer-relationship commandments. You don’t have to have “customer service representative” in your title to get something out of these. Continue reading

6 Truths About Persuasion

Do you consider yourself persuasive?

Find out how to get people to say yes (ethically) by flipping through our 6 persuasion truths, below.

This is part of our in-house class, Persuading Others, taught by Learning & Development Manager Alissa Owsley. For more learning content like this, check out our 2-part SlideShare series on The Art of Coaching Employees.

The Art of Coaching Employees – Part Two

What can a 19th century Russian princess named Olga teach us about coaching?

To find out, you’ll have to flip through our second of two slide decks on coaching.

Is this your first time hearing about Learning & Development at Leggett & Platt? For an brief look into what we do, read: This is How We Do L&D at L&P.


The Art of Coaching Employees – Part One

Coaching, managing, mentoring… it’s all the same right? Wrong.

To be a better coach, you have to understand these roles and how they’re different. Flip through our first of two slide decks to learn more.

This series’ content was adapted from one of our in-house classes taught by Learning & Development Manager, Alissa Owsley. New to L&P’s Learning & Development group? For an brief look at our class development process read: This is How We Do L&D at L&P.


This is How We Do L&D at L&P

At Leggett & Platt, we value people who never stop learning. We hire character and train skill; we work diligently to maintain a culture of continuous improvement. That’s why we established the Learning & Development (L&D) team back in 2010: we’re a small group of passionate professionals who fill the learning needs of our salaried and corporate employees. Here’s an overview of how we do L&D at L&P:

This is how we do image

The Why

To put it simply, we live for the a-ha moment: that sudden realization, insight, or comprehension that happens as people learn. This neurological event, paired with the continual growth of our employees and a lasting impact for the company is our purpose, our cause. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning and come to work for Leggett & Platt every day. Continue reading

6 Quick Tips For Lasting Connections – Network Smarter Part 3

Networking Smarter 3 - Lasting Connections

Note: This is the final installment of a three-part series

By now I hope you’ve noticed an emerging theme: networking isn’t all about you. Like any other relationship, it’s a two-way street. If you take anything away from this mini-series, I hope you take this: giving is more important that receiving. You network smarter when you’re attentive to others’ wants and needs. It’s effective and it makes for lasting connections. Continue reading

6 Tips for a Great First Impression: Network Smarter Part 2

Networking Smarter 2 - First Impressions

Last week, in part one of the Network Smarter series, we talked about social media, personal brand, and your professional online presence. That may be the first step in networking but it’s certainly not the last. Here are six tips to help you make a great first impression:

1. Think about your appearance.

I agree with Oscar Wilde who said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Especially when it comes to first impressions. Initial reactions matter. Pay attention your appearance including accessories, clothes, etc., before your next meet-n-greet event. As unfair as it may seem, people will make assumptions about your personality based on what you’re wearing, your hygiene, and how you carry yourself. It’s just human nature.

Continue reading

3 Steps To Optimize Your Online Reputation – Network Smarter Part 1 of 3

Networking Smarter 1 - Social Media

Welcome to the first in a series of three articles written to help you network smarter, not harder. This week’s topic: getting started with social media.

While face-to-face interactions remain the best form of networking, social networking sites can help you connect with other professionals easier than ever. And, in our increasingly hyper-connected world, it’s now essential to have an online presence you’re proud of.

Step 1 – Assess the situation

Continue reading

Four Questions to Ask Before Relocating & Six Things I Love About Joplin, MO

Relocation Services Icon

Relocating for your career can be a stressful time. We get it. You have to consider selling your home, finding a new one, and moving your family and belongings to a new location, maybe across the country. Not to mention all the time, energy, and money it takes to do it. That’s why in January 2015 Leggett & Platt approved new company guidelines for our domestic relocations. These guidelines help our hiring managers make informed decisions on relocation packages that work for both the new employee and the company.

Relocation is just one of the many benefits you could enjoy if you choose a job with Leggett & Platt. However, please know that relocation may not be offered for every position in every location.

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5 Things I Learned NOT To Do Before A Presentation

5 Things to AvoidBe it to peers or upper management, in-person or online, professional presentations can be scary. At least, they are for those who suffer from speech anxiety, including yours truly. However, I’ve found from experience that properly preparing for a presentation and avoiding the list below will help calm those speech-day jitters.


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