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6 Things We Learned in 2016

Happy New Year from Leggett & Platt! As we roll into 2017, we thought we’d recap 2016 with a few of our favorite posts.

We learned that employees are at the heart of our company.

We learned that the legacy of a extraordinary leader still lives on.

We learned that we’re extremely passionate about jobseekers having a positive application experience.

We learned that this article became the most shared piece of content on Life@Leggett!

We learned through Liliana’s story what it means to be dedicated to achieving one’s dreams.

We learned that a Learning & Development photo shoot = Darth Vader helmets?

Redesigned with You in Mind: ABG’s New Website

Our adjustable beds make your life comfortable, simple, and stress-free. A lot of work goes into making sure you enjoy your experience. So we wanted the website to do the same! We’ve redesigned our LP Adjustable Bed Group (ABG) site with you in mind.

We modernized the look and feel, and we streamlined the navigation to provide you easier access to product videos, setup and troubleshooting guides, a comparison guide, and owner’s manuals.

We also included a simplified warranty registration form and a store locator for you to find a nearby ABG retailer. Take a look!


Keeping You in Mind: New & Improved Careers Site

Pssssssst. Have you noticed? The Leggett & Platt Careers site looks a bit different these days. And the fresh look is more than a new coat of paint—it’s an overhaul of the site to simplify your job search.

We’ve made it easy to find information about how to apply and what it’s like to work at Leggett. The new site contains fun videos, graphics, and a completely revamped Doors internships page.

Consider it our way of pulling back the curtain so that you can feel well-informed and well-prepared during every step of your job search. Come take a look!

Leggett & Platt - New Career Site

5 Things We Learned in 2015

Happy New Year from Leggett & Platt! As we roll into 2016, we thought we’d recap 2015 with a few of our favorite posts.

Leggett Hires the Biggest Bedding Models in the Business

We learned that a few pictures of modeling elephants can break the Internet. (Almost.)

Continue reading

L&P Honors our Veterans

Veterans Day RibbonOn Wednesday, November 11th, the United States will honor its veterans with ceremonies, speeches, parades, and patriotic music. As a veteran, I am fortunate to live in a grateful nation. Schools welcome us into their classrooms and ask us to tell our stories; young and old alike will shake our hands and say, “Thank you for your service.”

I have encountered many Leggett & Platt employees who once wore a military uniform. Recently, I had a conversation with Robert McKinzie, President of our Drawn Wire Division. Before long we realized that we were both deployed at the same time, belonged to the same command structure, and operated in the same Theater of War. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Leggett & Platt’s Artistic Spirit

Leggett & Platt is into art (and we’re not just talking about cat photos).

Old Stoney by Bill Freeman

Our former CEOs, Harry Cornell and Felix Wright, have long enjoyed and collected fine art, especially works depicting nature and the American West. Many of these original paintings and sculptures grace our corporate headquarters.

Among the paintings are several works by Andy Thomas, an accomplished professional artist and former Leggett marketing director. Andy’s vivid and carefully researched historical paintings have been commissioned and acquired by state and national parks around the country. Leggett is fortunate to own more than a dozen of Andy’s early works, including murals of major events in our company’s history.

The art certainly beautifies our campus, but it’s also intended to inspire an artistic spirit in our people; to encourage the passion and care that will make our work an enduring success.

Below is a small sample of Leggett’s collection (okay, so we might not own all of these; see if you can tell them apart): Continue reading

This is How We Do L&D at L&P

At Leggett & Platt, we value people who never stop learning. We hire character and train skill; we work diligently to maintain a culture of continuous improvement. That’s why we established the Learning & Development (L&D) team back in 2010: we’re a small group of passionate professionals who fill the learning needs of our salaried and corporate employees. Here’s an overview of how we do L&D at L&P:

This is how we do image

The Why

To put it simply, we live for the a-ha moment: that sudden realization, insight, or comprehension that happens as people learn. This neurological event, paired with the continual growth of our employees and a lasting impact for the company is our purpose, our cause. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning and come to work for Leggett & Platt every day. Continue reading