Everyday Leggett Life: Adventures in the UK

Train Station

Earlier this summer, our Environmental team spent 8 days in Europe for an Environmental, Health, & Safety conference. Theresa Block, Randi Parmley, and Drinda Smith of Corporate Environmental Affairs. [Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester, UK]

Manchester Cathedral

“We were in awe of gorgeous architecture like this cathedral!” Drinda Smith, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, UK]


“I spotted Randi while we were in the Library, and she was taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.” Drinda Smith, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [John Rylands Library, Manchester, UK]

Conwy Castle

“I felt just like Robin Hood while touring the castle! We had absolutely perfect weather during our tour, which made it the only day of our trip without rain.” Randi Parmley, Corporate Environmental Auditor. [Conwy Castle, Conwy, UK]

Scenic View

“We had a wonderful time at the conference, plus we were able to take in some amazing sights. I’d call it a successful trip!” Theresa Block, Staff VP for Environmental Affairs. [Conwy, Wales, UK]