Everyday Leggett Life: From the Skies

Josh Horton

“A gorgeous view from a plane ride to visit our LPGS branch in Chicago.” Josh Horton, Procurement Systems Manager in Corporate Purchasing. [Somewhere over Chicago, Illinois, USA]

“We visited our Pegasus facility a few weeks ago to capture video footage and photos of their products and processes around the manufacturing floor.” Evan Younker, Senior Video Editor at Creative Services. [Somewhere over Connecticut, USA]

Travis Almandinger

“My view while returning from a seminar in San Diego.” Travis Almandinger, Associate General Counsel & Deputy Secretary at Corporate. [Somewhere over California, USA]

“I very recently traveled with our Executive team to deliver a presentation and dialogue with employees from our Hanes operations.” Jason Gorham, VP of Human Resources at Corporate. [Somewhere over North Carolina, USA]