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My Experience as an IT intern at Leggett & Platt

Tommy LyI found my ideal IT internship at Leggett & Platt during my final summer of college in 2013. I knew I wanted to stay in Southwest Missouri to start my IT career, so I got input from friends, classmates, my career counselor, and of course, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Ultimately, I chose Leggett because of its good reputation and its promising (even mysterious-sounding) internship program name, Doors.

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Employee Spotlight: How an Engineering Intern Kept On Keeping On (And How it Has Paid Off)

If there’s one quality David Redick embodies, it’s commitment. While working in an auto body shop, his commitment to providing for his family led him back to college at 30 years old. His commitment to learning led him to pursue an engineering degree and an internship at Leggett & Platt. And his commitment to excellence during his internship led to employment as a Junior Engineer on our Bedding Product Development team.

DSC_9381Currently, he’s only two semesters away from graduation and a role as a full-time Product Engineer. Even with a busy school and work schedule, he managed to make time for an interview.

1. How did you get your start with Leggett?

I began as a Drafting Intern for the IDEA Center in 2012. As a student at Pittsburg State University, I heard about an internship opportunity with Leggett. After talking with my advisor about it, I interviewed and got the job! I was very excited to be part of the initial group of DOORS interns that year. Continue reading

Opening Doors to a Career at Leggett & Platt (or Why 30 Year-Olds Can Be Interns, Too)


I was a 30 year-old intern.

I know, right?

But that’s not a bad thing. My internship in the DOORS program at Leggett & Platt was a game-changer.

Interns at Leggett don’t fetch coffee and aren’t expected to just hang around and learn by watching others work. Instead, DOORS connects students with opportunities to develop as professionals in the real world. DOORS lets interns do, y’know, actual work. They get to work on projects that are making a difference for the company.

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