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Providing Service with a Smile: Meet Two Faces in Facilities Management

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry or planned an event of any size, you know how demanding these roles can be. Nancy Robinson and Tammy Snyder work in the Facilities Department at L&P’s Corporate Office. Both can face hectic days, but they do so with smiles on their faces.

In the flurry of the service industry, you have to have a little fun, and Nancy and Tammy are two of our best at doing just that.

Nancy Robinson and Tammy Snyder.

Nancy Robinson and Tammy Snyder.

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Doors 2017: Highlights From Our Summer Program

We recently wrapped up our Doors 2017 Summer Intern Program, and we couldn’t wait to share some highlights with you. This year, we set a new record for the most participating interns since the program began. We enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the summer, from lunch games to professional development sessions to volunteering for a local charity. The program culminated with each intern presenting their summer’s projects in front of peers and executives.

Here are a few photos to recap our summer of fun and hard work!

Brain breaks are always needed. What better way than by playing games over lunch!

Rachel Heisten, Director of Succession and Talent Acquisition, presented on the topic of Professionalism during one of our Lunch & Learn sessions.

Rachel Heisten, Director of Succession & Talent Acquisition, presented on the topic of professionalism during one of our Lunch & Learn sessions.

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Three Tips to Improve Your Creative Thinking

I’m not an artist. I don’t have the word “designer” in my title. I repeatedly fail to master those pesky Pinterest projects that haunt me at night. But I’m still creative – at least, I’m working on it.

There are two big misconceptions about creativity. The first is that creativity is solely artistry. Just because you can’t design a fancy graphic for a presentation or sketch your self-portrait, it doesn’t mean you’re not creative!

The second misconception is that creativity is a talent. Many believe that you are either born with a creative gene or you’re not. But creativity is a skill, and you can work to improve it over time.

If you’re trying to develop your creativity, keep these three tips in mind:

Get uncomfortable.

When was the last time you pushed past the easy ideas for that “aha” moment? As adults, leaving behind what we know can prove challenging or can really bother us. (Farewell, carefree nature.) Acting silly or being adventurous is often reserved for children – but it shouldn’t be. Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: How an Engineer and His Team Built a Startup Electronics Lab (And What’s in Store for the Future)

Life is about taking risks, and a startup can be just that. When Eric Miller, Electronics Engineering Manager at L&P, was hired to launch an Electronics Lab for our Adjustable Bed Group in Kansas City, MO, he knew he would be in for a challenge. Eric had been working on his master’s degree in Engineering Management when he was contacted by Leggett. “As part of my coursework,” he said, “I had done a lot of in-depth studies on startup companies and entrepreneurs, and I found the idea of starting something from the ground up very appealing.”

Eric took the risk and joined L&P in April 2016, ready to embrace a “different kind of challenge.” Eric has always been interested in management, but at the same time, he considers himself an engineer at heart. “With this opportunity,” he said, “I saw a chance to jump into a management role while still be a part of the design process. I just couldn’t pass it up.”

Electronics Lab

Eric (left) with Patrick Millar, Senior Software Engineer for the Electronics Lab.

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Machine Products: How A Commitment to Safety and Service Brings Success

When you walk through the doors of Machine Products (or Branch 79 as it’s also called), you’re instantly greeted with a down-to-earth warmth. From the friendly “hellos” exchanged on the production floor to the handshakes of a job particularly well done, pride is everywhere among the 90 employees at the facility.

The same sense of pride comes from branch leadership as well. Tom Wells, Jr., Division President, constantly commends his team for stepping up to the plate. “Unlike other Leggett branches that have a constant steady production flow, we do not know from month to month what type of work will come onto our schedule, but we take each day with great stride,” explained Tom.

Leggett & Platt has been a second home to Tom. After his father was hired by Leggett in 1974, Tom started performing janitorial duties during the summers as a teenager. Through the years, he spent most of his career in the Bedding Components Group. After years of hard work, he assumed the role of Division President for Machine Products in 2013.

An aerial shot of the expansive Machine Products facility in Carthage, Missouri.

An aerial shot of the expansive Machine Products facility in Carthage, Missouri.

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