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Jeremiah Smith

My career doesn't have an arc so much as a zig-zag from pastor in a large church to the professional poker industry to a corporation with $4 billion in annual revenue. However, there has been a common throughline: the significance of telling good stories. I love stories in every form, whether I'm watching a character-driven TV drama or sitting on my back porch with a good book. But the stories I love the most are the ones told across the dinner table. Next to the water cooler. At the coffee shop. Currently, I'm helping tell the story of a 130 year-old global manufacturing company whose headquarters are tucked away in a corner of Missouri. And I've quickly learned it's not a story about flashy products or sales techniques or process improvements. It's a story about people. People making a difference at a big company with small town ideals. Stories about teamwork. About honesty and integrity in business. Those are the stories that describe what we're building at Leggett & Platt.

Calling All Electronics Engineers!


We’re looking for electronics experts to work on the next generation of sleeping systems: monitoring, diagnostics, apps, heating, cooling, articulation, the list goes on. Exciting stuff!

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Never Too Old to Rap

Follow the brand-new Leggett & Platt Bedding page LinkedIn for…wait, what? Hip-hop videos and podcasts? 


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Leggett Hires the Biggest Bedding Models in the Business

Recently, Leggett’s two new bedding models paid a little visit to our IDEA Center. Actually, there was nothing “little” about it: Cindy and Betty weigh in at 8,500 and 9,000 pounds respectively. The elephants will be featured in upcoming promotional materials for a new bedding product line.

Leggett & Platt Helps Raise Awareness for Autism

Autism SpeaksOn January 18, Leggett & Platt co-sponsored the Ante4Autism charity poker tournament in Las Vegas. However, there’s more to this event than corporate sponsorship.

For Karl Glassman, our President & Chief Operating Officer, it’s a deeply personal matter. “Autism affects so many families,” he said. “I’m humbled by how many of our people have gotten involved.” Glassman’s wife Cathi has worked with autistic students for many years as a case manager for the Joplin, Missouri school district. But, he was quick to point out the reason Ante4Autism has been successful. “This event continues to build awareness really because of one man,” he explained.

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ICYMI: A Visual History of the Leggett & Platt Logo

The Life @ Leggett blog is approaching its one-year anniversary so this week’s posts will spotlight our favorite content from the past year. (*ICYMI is internet slang for “in case you missed it.”) 

Leggett & Platt has been in business for over a century, but our logo has undergone relatively few changes in that time. The one major change came in the early 1970s, when we moved from a simple “L” to a script typeface. I sat down with Leggett’s Creative Director, Scott Clark, to discuss the history of the logo.

In the early days, this metal tag was attached to every Leggett product  and ultimately became the official logo.

In the early days, this metal tag was attached to every Leggett product and eventually became the official logo. The circle in the design was actually a hole used for fastening the tag to springs and frames. “I love the simplicity of this design,” stated Clark. “It’s fascinating how well it holds up–what looked good 100 years ago still looks good today, and that’s not always the case.”


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