Grow Easy with Greenscapes Landscape Fabric

At L&P, our businesses conceive, design, and produce a diverse array of products which help our customers enjoy more comfortable lives. Greenscapes Home & Garden Products, a subsidiary of our Hanes Companies Division, is no exception.

We know there are better things to do with your time than pulling weeds. By using Greenscapes Landscape Fabric®, you can block weed seeds from growing while still permitting air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the soil of your garden. This reduces the time you spend on maintenance and helps to maintain a healthy landscape without the use of herbicides or chemicals.

Spend time enjoying your garden – not working on it. Purchase Greenscapes Landscape Fabric® online or at a major retailer near you.

Employee Spotlight: Tengfei Han

“I’m proud to support our teams with my role in quality control. I carefully inspect our products to ensure they are stable and reliable for our customers.”
Tengfei Han, 韩腾飞
Furniture Components | Jiaxing, China

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Employee Spotlight: JT Warren with Hanes Geo Components

Our Hanes Geo Components division in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is an industry-leading supplier of geosynthetics and environmental products. Their products, including erosion control, stormwater, and landscaping fabrics may not be particularly glamourous. However, the marketing team enjoys finding creative ways to promote these textiles to their buyers. We reached out to JT Warren, Marketing Coordinator, to learn more about him and his role.

What brought you to L&P?
During my senior year at Appalachian State University, I held an intern position at Hanes Geo Components. I worked in the product management department and during that time, I was impressed with the dedication that our employees have, how they treat one another, and how the “Hanes Geo Family” wanted to build something special; I wanted to be a part of that as well.

What does your average day look like?
I start each day with a cup of coffee as soon as I walk in the door – and this is arguably the most important part of my day! I spend my morning responding to any emails that need my attention (I can’t stand a cluttered inbox!) and check out the analytics for our social sites. The numbers give me an idea of how to interact with my audience in a more captivating way. I brainstorm new marketing campaign ideas, read articles on how to market products successfully, and create content throughout the day. Meetings are sprinkled in during the week as well as lots of practice on difficult Adobe platforms.

What’s something surprising about you?
I have been playing guitar for almost 8 years! I can’t say that I am that good, but I love playing music!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Each day that I go to work, I get to come in with a creative mindset. I research ways to differentiate our brand while still maintaining a positive presence online. As a young professional, I have realized that I thrive off of new challenges and ideas. I believe that breakthroughs are made in an ever-changing environment.

When I post content, it gives people a glimpse into the world of Hanes Geo Components and I enjoy learning new ways to engage with our followers.

United Way Spotlight: Community Clinic of Southwest Missouri

Leggett & Platt fosters a culture of giving, encouraging our employees to Do Some Good. Throughout the course of our local, Southwest Missouri campaign, we will shine a spotlight on several of the incredible agencies that United Way serves in our community. Times may be difficult, but we have witnessed communities rising to meet these hard moments. If in a position to give this year, we encourage you to support your local agency, too.

For nearly three decades, Community Clinic of Southwest Missouri has been providing quality, affordable healthcare to the children, families, and seniors in our communities. Their facility operates four days a week, providing a wide variety of medical and dental services to their patients – including medical diagnosis and treatment, prescription assistance, vision services, women’s preventative health exams, dental services, and mental healthcare.

Many of the services they provide are made possible through the efforts of dedicated volunteers. In 2020, a team of over 40 volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses, counselors, and pharmacists provided compassionate care to over 1,900 patients. Our community saved an estimated $8,883,181 as a result of their charitable efforts.

“The United Way funds we receive help support our primary care services,” says Stephanie Brady, Executive Director. “They are used to cover the costs of testing supplies, prescriptions, lab supplies, flu and pneumonia shots, medical equipment, and even for the purchase of glasses for individuals in our vision program. We work hard to stretch those dollars and they benefit a lot of people.”

During the pandemic, Community Clinic received targeted funds for Covid. They are now one of the primary vaccination sites in the area and have administered over 3,500 vaccines to local patients. Their facility partners closely with other United Way agencies and have provided testing and vaccinations for Covid and the flu on-site at their facilities. Unfortunately, they’ve also had an increased need for medications, inhalers, and nebulizers to treat Covid patients.

“It would be a significant detriment to our organization if we did not have the United Way funds we have come to rely on,” said Stephanie. “I love knowing that we have the support of their network and the donations help us meet the healthcare needs in our very own communities.”

Honoring Veteran Employees at L&P

In the U.S., Veterans Day honors all who have served our country in times of war or peace – and is largely intended to thank veterans for their sacrifices. Today, L&P gives special thanks to the many veteran employees who bring their talents to our company.

Chris Hoven, Manager of Talent Acquisition at L&P, served in the Army for 8 years. He now uses his own experience transitioning to a civilian career to guide veterans through the interview process.

Members of our Armed Forces develop valuable skills throughout their service. Junior enlisted members are generally part of a small team where they are able to develop skills in both collaboration and leadership. Enlisted leaders earn valuable experience in managing people and operations. Others gain knowledge in specialized areas such as HR, supply chain management, and IT.

Unfortunately, a transition from the military to a civilian career can be accompanied by challenges. Many service members join directly out of high school and serve a minimum of 4 years. There is often a disconnect between military and civilian experiences, which can make the interview process uncomfortable.

“Trying to translate my experiences in the military to the civilian world was difficult,” says Chris Hoven, Manager of Talent Acquisition at L&P. “I was an infantry officer in the Army and led a platoon in a combat arms unit. Service members in roles like mine often struggle to translate what we have done in the military into civilian terms. When recruiting a former service member, I try to use my own experience to support them through that process.”

With Chris’ guidance, L&P continues to work toward developing training and resources to help communicate military achievements in a way that non-military recruiters and hiring managers will understand. They also try to match veterans with roles at L&P which can benefit from their unique experience. Ultimately, Chris believes that it is our people who help facilitate that journey.

“Most veterans will speak to the high level of comradery they had with their fellow service members. In the military, you’re one team working together towards a common goal,” says Chris. “I see that reflected at L&P. Our people are great to work with and are always willing to help one another.”

Automotive Interiors Expo: Showcasing L&P’s Latest Innovations

Milosz Niec, Chief Engineer, demonstrates L&P’s premium advanced massage seat to a potential customer.

L&P Automotive recently attended the Automotive Interiors Expo, in Novi, Michigan. The three day event allowed potential customers to interact with our latest innovations in-person – including L&P’s mid-class luxury seating massage systems. That system, which features app-controlled pneumatics, adds a new level of comfort and improved wellbeing for drivers.

Other products on showcase included L&P’s sunroof, smart latch, and power liftgate actuators. To learn more about the products showcased at the event, visit:

Honoring Our Native American Employees

Leggett & Platt celebrates Native American Heritage Month and the vibrant culture of our Native American employees.

The month is designed to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of Native people. It is also a day of recognition for the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of our country.

If you identify as a Native American employee, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at to share your story!

Ayudha Pooja Honors the Tools of Trade

L&P Automotive India recently celebrated Ayudha Pooja, a Hindu festival that is celebrated during the tenth day of the bright half of the moon’s cycle, or Shardiya Navratri. Translated to “worship of instruments,” the event honors the tools and equipment integral to our professions and our daily lives.

The principal goddesses worshiped during the celebration are Saraswati (the Goddess of wisdom, arts and literature), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) and Parvati (the divine mother). Their teams clean, decorate, and worship the branch’s tools to destroy negative energy and to bring wealth and prosperity.

“We spray holy water, decorate, and pray to the Gods to bring good things to our factory,” said Rajeswari Subramani, Manager of Human Resources. “We always ask them for strong profits, good benefits, and for the safety of all our employees and their families.”

The following images show the care and attention they gave to creating a meaningful event for their employees.

Rangoli patterns are created indoors using brightly materials such as colored sand, stones, flower petals, food, and colored rocks. Important Hindu symbols are also displayed, such as the Ganesh which represents the wisdom and understanding that one must possess to attain perfection in life.

Tools and equipment are cleaned and polished with great care. They are then smeared with turmeric and sandalwood paste and are adorned with flowers, fruits and other decorations.

Elaborate displays of fruits, sweets, and fragrant oil lamps are arranged throughout the facility as offerings to the Gods.

Rangoli – colorful artistic patterns created on the floor – decorate the entrances to L&P’s facility. When created outdoors, they are made using colored rice flower, which serves as a humanitarian offering of food to ants and other small insects. The building is also decorated with colorful lights during the festival.

Entrances to the building are decorated and fragrant sticks are burned as they pray for increased wealth and prosperity for L&P employees. A priest also visited the facility to perform a Pooja, or traditional Hindu prayer ceremony.

United Way Agency Spotlight: Art Feeds

Leggett & Platt fosters a culture of giving, encouraging our employees to Do Some Good. Throughout the course of our local, Southwest Missouri campaign, we will shine a spotlight on several of the incredible agencies that United Way serves in our community. Times may be difficult, but we have witnessed communities rising to meet these hard moments. If in a position to give this year, we encourage you to support your local agency, too.

As a teenage volunteer in a behavioral disorder classroom, Meg Bourne witnessed students who struggled with learning, focusing, or expressing themselves begin to respond when given a creative outlet. Quickly realizing how art can be a tool for children to express their feelings and develop social-emotional skills, Meg made it her mission to help kids thrive full-time.

That vision was realized when Art Feeds was introduced in southwest Missouri in 2009. With a belief that all children are curious, imaginative, creative, innovative, and our greatest resource, Art Feeds creates programming in partnership with schools and children’s organizations to develop these valuable attributes. Their success has allowed them to expand nationwide and abroad – with operations across seven states and six countries.

“We provide everything – training to in-classroom teachers, art teachers, and school counselors as well as access to Art Feeds Online with over 400 lessons they can use as classroom resources throughout the year,” Meg, Founder and CEO, shares. “We also provide art supplies so that students have access to the tools they need to express themselves creatively.”

The Art Feeds curriculum includes art of all kinds: dancing, painting, drawing, photography, and music. They support in-classroom teachers by providing everything they need to focus on the students, including lesson plans, teaching videos, PowerPoint presentations, supply lists, and more.

This year, contributions to our local United Way will help fund art packs for the Carthage 6th Grade Center, which includes a tote bag filled with a sketchbook, markers, crayons, watercolor palette (a student favorite), glue stick, pencil, and pencil sharpener. Art Feeds will provide around 2,200 art packs for Carthage alone.

“We’ve traditionally served most Carthage elementary schools since 2015. The 6th Grade Center was added to their district recently, so it’s been a priority for us to get them art packs this year. The art packs are important not only so they can participate in Art Feeds activities, but because some students may not have access to basic school supplies at home,” says Meg.

By working with creative art therapists, child trauma specialists, and certified art teachers, they’re able to deliver a more effective curriculum, which includes training in trauma-informed care. These partnerships were particularly helpful throughout the pandemic – providing a much-needed creative outlet to children struggling with the anxieties that accompany loss and change.

When asked why they’re passionate about what they do, Meg shared, “We care about children. We want them to feel seen, known, and loved – and our vehicle is through art and creativity.”

To learn more about Art Feeds, visit