Top 5 Tips to Infuse Creativity into Your Work Life

Creative thinking and unique ideas are important in almost every job at L&P, yet it’s easy to feel uninspired in the middle of a busy day. We reached out to Marketing + Creative employees Sandi Longman (Interior Designer), Scott Clark (Creative Director), and Cody Langford (Art Director – Commercial Products) for their Top 5 Tips on infusing more creativity into your work life.

1. Plan time to think. All three agreed — it is crucial to allow yourself time to explore a variety of directions at the start of a project. Each new idea will inspire another and the best solution will eventually reveal itself.

2. Carry a sketchbook, notebook, or journal. According to Cody, it can be helpful to physically write your thoughts or notes down. “Making your ideas visual helps to get them out of your head and allows you time to process while you do other things.”

3. Set the mood. For a relaxed, creative space, lighting is key. “I reduce the overhead lights and add a couple of lamps to create a warmer atmosphere,” Sandi says. “This creates a more comfortable environment. You’ll feel as if you’re in your own home office instead of a corporate setting.”

4. Surround yourself with creativity. Access to interesting objects can inspire imaginative thinking. “I personally enjoy my collection of kitschy objects, vintage electronics, and business attire. There is so much inspiration in a $3 suit of polyester glory,” says Scott. A visible mood board can also inspire, adds Sandi. “Pinning up cutouts or pictures that trigger certain feelings or emotions always helps.”

5. Brainstorm! Gather a team and unleash everyone’s ideas onto a whiteboard. Input from a coworker during a brainstorm session can turn into a promising option or new direction. This list is a great example.

Pi Day and Pie

Happy Pi Day!

To celebrate, members of our Talent Acquisition team (Emily Larson, Eliysha Mircetic, and Lori Jones) connected and networked with engineering students at the University of Arkansas.

We hear there was an abundance of pie. We’re wondering how we missed the invite.

Standard Pocket Coil

Our standard and compact pocketed innersprings are comfortable and supportive. Individually pocketed coils conform to the contours of the body for superior comfort and reduced partner disturbance.

And since we draw our own wire, we guarantee the quality.

Employee Spotlight: Vinny Dimino with Sponge Cushion

Throughout March, we’re highlighting people, places, and products within our Residential Products segment. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Vinny Dimino with Sponge Cushion, Inc.

Sponge Cushion manufactures high-density, premium carpet cushion made with 100% synthetic rubber. You may be more familiar with Sponge Cushion’s product brand name: Tred-MOR®. Located in Morris, Illinois, the operation has served commercial, hospitality, and residential industries since 1961.

Carpet cushions from Sponge Cushion provide lasting comfort underfoot and can extend the life expectance of carpet by up to 50%! Their acoustic underlayments can also enhance sound quality and reduce impact noise when used underneath wood, engineered wood, or laminate flooring.

Sponge Cushion products are sold through a variety of channels including wholesale distribution. However, most of their business comes through large commercial construction projects and international hotel chains. You can find their products in hotel rooms, casinos, conference centers, and businesses around the world. You may even have their underlayments in your own home.

Tell us about your background.

I began running a sales agency exclusively with Sponge Cushion in 1995. That opportunity focused on sales within the wholesale flooring market. In 2006, when the company was acquired by L&P, I continued on in a sales capacity. Then, in 2011 I joined L&P as the Eastern Regional Manager for our Hospitality and Commercial Sales Division, where I remain today.

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Top 5 Tips to Retirement Readiness

Whether you’re 55 or 25, saving for your retirement should be on your mind. As our Qualified Benefits Manager, Cathy Johns advocates for retirement readiness at L&P. Here are her Top 5 Tips toward retiring comfortably.

1. Start somewhere. It’s funny how the most critical tip is also the simplest. If you’re not yet saving for retirement, just start somewhere. Nobody else is saving for you! Even a minimal effort to start is better than nothing.

2. Maximize your match. Many companies offer contribution matching programs, so contribute at a level that allows you to receive the most match you can. Don’t walk away from free money!

3. Choose your investments. While lots of programs have default investment options, you don’t always have to go with them. Evaluate your risk tolerance and choose which investment options are right for you.

4. Name your beneficiaries. This isn’t too difficult to do, but it’s very important. Naming your beneficiaries can also bring you (and your loved ones) peace of mind.

5. Continually monitor and budget. Saving for retirement probably shouldn’t be a “set it and forget it” event. We recommend periodically examining your situation and altering your budget for the ups and downs life brings. Then, you can fine-tune and adjust the amount you’re saving as you go.

Happy Birthday to J.P. and Cornelius!

It’s time to party! Even though our founders were born 7 years and several states apart, they coincidentally shared a very special day every March 6th.

Happy Birthday to the duo who started it all!

Employee Spotlight: Javier Montano with Vertex Fasteners

Throughout March, we’re highlighting people, places, and products within our Residential Products segment. First up, meet Javier Montano with Vertex Fasteners.

Vertex develops, manufactures, and distributes fasteners (such as clips, staples, nails, and rings), fastening tools, and fastening machines used in the assembly of many products.

Vertex primarily serve the markets of upholstered furniture, bedding, automotive seating, cages and traps, and fencing and razor wire. Serving this many distinct markets means serving many different customers, which is where Javier shines. As International Sales Manager, he interacts with customers around the world every single day.

Tell us about your background.

I have a background in Industrial Engineering, although for most of my career, I have worked in the technical side of sales. For almost 20 years, I worked for a company in the gas and welding industry, leading a marketing and business development unit as well as a team of welding applications experts. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Platt-Porter’s Coffee

We love our coffee here at L&P. Apparently, Cornelius Platt did too.

Here’s an ad from his venture into wholesale groceries with George Porter (this was in addition to his partnership with J.P. Leggett). Legend has it that in 1926, Platt and Porter roasted and ground 200,000 pounds of green coffee beans that yielded 165,000 pounds of coffee.