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Consumer Products Vision Systems

Over the past month, we’ve been highlighting people, places, and products within our Furniture Products segment. Today we’re spotlighting a vision system being used by Consumer Products to ensure quality products are delivered to our customers.

At Leggett & Platt, delivering a high-quality product is essential to building successful relationships with our customers. However, managing quality assurance on our product lines involves a great deal of planning, correction, and monitoring.

In January 2018, L&P’s Adjustable Bed team began developing a new product with an existing customer. During that process, they had extensive discussions about ways to ensure complete and consistent manufacturing and delivery of units.

The team ultimately implemented a vision system designed to inspect each unit before it was packaged for delivery. The system is able to electronically analyze critical components of the bed base to determine whether any of the parts are missing or misaligned. If an error is detected, it must be corrected before the unit can continue down the production line for boxing.

The black and white system substantially reduced their defect rating in the first few months. However, as the team analyzed the defects still being reported, they realized a color system could improve their outcomes. They made the upgrade, and both the contrast capabilities and higher pixel count allowed them to inspect even more points on the unit.

With the new vision system in place, the team was able to color code components and add additional quality checkpoints. This allowed the team to exceed their original target defect rate within 10 months!

According to Cody McCormick, Director of Sales: “We are just now gaining steam with this system. We’ve drastically reduced our missing parts warranty signal and have high hopes for other capabilities in the future.”

Top 5 Reasons We Care About Employee Safety

L&P recognizes the critical role that safety plays in all we do ⁠— 24/7 and 12 months a year. Through weekly Tool Box talks, ongoing safety training, monthly safety meetings, and other activities, we continuously strive to protect everyone who walks through our doors. We asked our Corporate Risk Team to share some of the reasons that employee safety is so important at Leggett & Platt. Here are their Top 5:

1. To show respect. Our employees are our greatest asset. It is a duty and moral responsibility of  L&P to look after our employee’s protection. “I’m really proud that we’ve invested in the Safeguard initiative to give our people the tools for a safe work environment,” says CEO Karl Glassman.

2. To help our employees have a better quality of life. We believe our employees should head home from work as good as or better than when they arrived each day.

3. To help reduce workplace stress. It’s our goal to help reduce workplace stress and yield a better quality of life.  We strive to create a culture where our employees safeguard each other, on and off the job, every day.

4. To increase engagement. Safer jobs mean happier employees. Involvement in the safety program improves morale and leads to more long-term partnerships at work. “The most rewarding part of my job is seeing partners become excited about SafeGuard and making their facilities safe.  I consider it an honor to work closely with the branches to come up with solutions to eliminating and reducing hazards,” shares Tammy Jones, Loss Control Engineer.

5. To help the business. A strong safety culture = a more successful business. Safe workplaces contribute to the overall success of the enterprise and all of L&P’s stakeholders.

Photo Gallery: Fun at Joplin’s Third Thursday

Third Thursday is Joplin’s trademark cultural event when thousands of people fill Main Street Joplin to enjoy local art, music, entertainment, and food.

Last Thursday, Leggett & Platt once again sponsored the festivities and joined the fun. With the help of over 40 L&P volunteers, we took over the 400 block of Main Street in downtown Joplin and set up a product petting zoo, obstacle course, and mattress painting. One of our very own tractor-trailers parked in the middle of the street, ready for guests to hop inside and take a look around. We were eager to greet visitors and tell them more about the unique things we do at L&P.

If you stopped by, thank you! We were glad to meet you. We’re proud to be part of this community, and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to get out there and do some good. We’ll be back, Third Thursday!

Throwback Thursday: Sleep Well

Sleep well and you keep well. Happy Throwback Thursday!

Advertisement from The Taylor Daily Press. September 24, 1923 ⁠(Taylor, Texas)

Motion Furniture Mechanisms

We make motion furniture mechanisms, just like the one below! You can find them in a variety of seating applications: chairs, loveseats, sofas, and outdoor furniture.

Our mechanisms are specifically engineered to offer modular solutions for furniture. Components can be combined to complete a finished chair or seat – with recliner mechanism, headrest, armrest, and more – giving furniture designers a unique level of flexibility.

Everyday Leggett Life: The Beauty of Croatia

“Sunset in Zadar, which is said to have the most beautiful sunset on earth.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Zadar, Croatia]

“A view from the top of the picturesque waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes.” Kergan Chappel, Internal Auditor, and Ace Pelham, Internal Auditor II. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“The bottom of Plitvice Lakes had waterfalls everywhere and we were LOVING it!” Yvonne Teng, Senior Internal Auditor. [Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia]

“Kayaking down the waterfalls was exhilarating! Right after this picture was taken, our kayak flipped over! Thank goodness for life jackets.” Sarah Bentz, Internal Auditor II. [Waterfalls in Croatia]


Top 5 Tips for Summer Travel

The middle of summer can only mean one thing: V A C A T I O N! Many families are hitting the road or taking to the skies in July and August. We asked Tracey Presslor, Director of Travel Services, to reveal a few tips and tricks before we transition into vacay mode.

1. Whether checking into your flight or arriving at your hotel, always do it in a timely fashion. Even with a credit card guarantee, hotels can still “walk” a person if oversold for the night. Similarly, airlines can give up your seat if you do not check in and clear security by a designated time (gasp!). In both instances, make sure you double-check requirements and arrive on time.

2. Hotel room types can be requested but not guaranteed. Even if your reservation shows a king-sized bed, it’s simply a request and not a guarantee. Status with frequent traveler numbers can help get you the room type you want.

3. When making airline reservations, your airline tickets must match your government ID. Your frequent flyer numbers must also match. Be careful not to use nicknames (we’re looking at you, Bubba) or abbreviations when booking a flight if different than your photo ID.

4. When renting a car, double-check with your own car insurance first. Personal insurance is often cheaper than purchasing coverage through the rental car company.

5. Kindness often wins over complaining. That age-old lesson from Mom also applies to traveling! Gate agents often have more control than you think, so always be kind when trying to request a service or negotiate. Remember, you can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar. (Thanks for that, Mom.)

Everyday Life According to a VP of Sales: “No Two Days Are The Same”

This month, we continue to highlight people, places, and products within our Furniture Products segment. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Patrick Third, who works within our Seating Components division.

Meet Patrick Third, VP of Sales for the Central Region.

Every day, Patrick travels across the central United States to help bring comfort solutions to furniture. He works to sell not just recliners or rockers, but also the sinuous wire (springs), webbing, and foam edging in stationary furniture.

What was your background prior to L&P?

I guess it starts in college where I played football for WKU after many years in sports. I started as a quarterback and ended as a cornerback.

Patrick at Interzum 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design.

(A couple of fun facts for sports fans: 1. I played for Jack Harbough. 2. My position coach was Willie Taggart who now coaches my favorite team FSU. Go Noles!)

I bartended in college, which I believe was the greatest preparation for my upcoming future in customer service. I also became a carpenter, performing various upgrades to homes and businesses. I specialized in installing custom hardwood flooring from start to finish.

What does a normal day in sales look like for you?

Coffee. Then maybe a little more coffee.

Depending on the various projects on my plate, my day begins with my follow-ups. This means I’m constantly in touch with our customers, following up on products I introduced to them. I also engage with our engineers on the various projects they have in the works.

I’d say I travel close to 60–70% of the time. My sales responsibilities cover the central United States, from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border. The majority of my travel is focused in Mississippi to Northeastern Tennessee.

I’m also consistently communicating with my team. Each day starts with touching base and offering my support on projects in motion. Being available to them is key.

Also, coffee. Continue reading