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5 Office Must-Haves: Mary Gray in LBSO

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way than by seeing a few of their favorite things?

Mary’s role: Business Profitability Analyst in LBSO (which stands for Leggett Business Systems Office)

Job in a nutshell: Building and maintaining financial models to help our business units allocate general ledger costs to customers and products.

  1. Mr. Excel book – My job is very Excel-driven; I do a lot of analysis for special projects. I’ll admit it – sometimes I’m challenged with new or complex Excel functions, and Mr. Excel comes in very handy.
  2. Gum – I chew gum throughout the day, everyday! It keeps me from snacking.
  3. Yeti – It says “Aloha!” on the side and reminds me of one of my favorite vacation spots. I’ll let you guess where.
  4. Coaster – I live by its message everyday. I can be prone to worrying, and this was a gift given to me by a dear friend to remind me that worrying should not be my focus.
  5. Notes – I live by taking notes. I like to have something tangible to use as a guide instead of asking repeat questions to my supervisor. Also, if I’m struggling to understand something, I study my notes to try to figure out a solution.

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Throwback Thursday: Leggett-Platt Pinsters

This throwback for your Thursday proves it: Even in 1948 we had a lot of winners on our team!

(Corsicana Daily Sun, Jan 23, 1948)

5 Office Must-Haves: Claudia Lugo in Credit

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way than by seeing a few of their favorite things?

Claudia’s role: Credit Manager I – Remote Specialist

Job in a nutshell: Finding ways to control, reduce, or eliminate higher-risk transactions with international customers by doing evaluations of creditworthiness.

  1. Space heater – I try to bring summer inside my office! Since I’m a cold-blooded person, I’m freezing all. the. time. So, my heater is one of my essential items!
  2. Snacks – I definitely need to be snacking through the day or I can’t make it. I typically have a protein bar and green tea during the morning, and fruit and spicy Mexican candy in the afternoon. (Yes, the Mexican candy must be spicy to keep me going.)
  3. My computer – Obviously this is a must-have item for most professionals. In my role, I’m responsible for the collection of accounts receivables within the agreed-upon terms, and a lot of this day-to-day activity happens on my computer.
  4. Colorful pens – Who said reports need to be boring in black and white?
  5. Headset & phone – As much as I love email, I also make a lot of phone calls to other Leggett locations. It’s always nice to talk to other L&P employees and put a voice to the name!

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Happy National Inventors’ Day!

In celebration of National Inventors’ Day, we’re sharing the work of our original inventor, J.P. Leggett. Here’s our very first official patent!


In 1883, J.P. Leggett invented the first spiral-steel, coiled bedspring. It was revolutionary in design and offered the best night’s sleep available. Leggett was granted an official patent in 1885, as indicated by this drawing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Top 5 Tips for Presenting to a Group

You may not find yourself behind a microphone on a regular basis. However, it’s just as important to have great presentation skills when you’re presenting to your own circles of influence.

Hi, we’re the Communications Team. We’ve witnessed a wide variety of presentation styles over the years. Here are our Top 5 tips on how to be a more effective presenter.

1. Be Prepared. Practice, but don’t cram. Nerves can kick in whether you’re speaking to a large audience or a small, informal committee. Go over your notes until you’re comfortable with the material and can speak to it with confidence. An overly polished presentation can lose authenticity though — be sure to find a good balance.

2. Bring your personality out to play. Your audience will be more engaged if you’re enthusiastic and passionate about the project or topic. Personal anecdotes or humor can be great tools for maintaining attention too. Lose the note cards and just be yourself.

3. Stay positive. The audience is your friend.

4. Look at people, not your slides. Make eye contact with as many people as you can. A good rule of thumb is a gaze of 3-5 seconds before shifting to the next friendly face. This makes them feel both important and included.

5. Breathe. Relax and pause when you need to collect your thoughts. Oxygen is essential.

5 Office Must-Haves: Jeff Bean in IT

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way than by seeing a few of their favorite things?

Jeff’s role: Senior Internal Consultant

Job in a nutshell: Connecting dots, building bridges, and finding ways for people, data, and systems to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

  1. Pen & Blank Paper – I am often in meetings and this is a great place to start. The manual process of writing seems to help my recall of potentially useful information as much as the actual notes do.
  2. Headphones – After reading Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family (Davis, 2010), I refuse to talk on a cell phone without a wired- or Bluetooth connection. When my kids were younger, I banned them from talking more than 30 seconds on a cell phone without a headset or at least a finger’s width of air between their head and the phone… but I digress. My point is that I always have headphones handy.
  3. An Innerspring – I work for a company whose past and future fortunes are tied to making products which improve people’s lives. I keep a spring as a reminder of both what we do and the folks who make it happen.
  4. Coffee Mug – Having a mug in my hand gives me a physical reminder to be a better listener (can’t talk and drink at the same time!) and sets a more conversational tone for meetings. Also, the HydroFlask mug was a Father’s Day gift that can keep coffee hot for hours… it’s remarkable!
  5. Post-It Notes – For important “focus” items. So nothing falls through the cracks. It’s a very sophisticated system.

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Silent Walk™

Silent Walk™ acoustic underlay is moisture-resistant, versatile cushion for use under floating hardwood and laminate flooring installations.

Know someone with thunderous footsteps? They need this. It suppresses the sound created by hard floors while enhancing the comfort of the room!

Happy National Fun at Work Day!

In the spirit of having fun at work, here are our Internal Auditors during a teambuilding painting activity last month. No matter how you’re celebrating today, we hope your workday is a great one!