The Women’s ERG Promotes Allyship

Each quarter, the Women’s ERG focuses on a theme as an opportunity for learning, collaboration, and raising awareness. This quarter, the group explored allyship. Allyship refers to the actions, behaviors, and practices that individuals take to support and advocate for others, particularly those who don’t share the same social identities.

During their monthly meetings, the group invited guests, including David Brown, President of L&P Hydraulics, John Dowdell, President – Hanes Geo Components, and Tammy Trent, Senior Vice President – Chief Accounting Officer, to speak on their personal experiences of allyship and what it means to be an ally. They encouraged members to invite an ally to the monthly meetings. In addition, the group surveyed its members and shared moving testimonials of when they needed or proved to be an ally to someone.

Members of the Women’s ERG Leadership Team: Roxanne Willard, Isabel Perez Infante, Sarah Peterson, and Breanna Wagster

“Needing an ally, having an ally, and being an ally go full circle and include small, daily actions to make everyone feel included and welcome,” says Sarah Peterson, Program Manager. “Now more than ever, we need each other, and what better reason to celebrate allyship.”

Throughout their sessions, the group showcased that allyship is not just about bridging the gap between education and action. It’s a journey of personal growth, teaching us about emotional intelligence and the profound importance of human connection to be more effective in work and life.

“Allyship offers and promotes productivity, creates a sense of belonging, and ensures inclusivity in the workplace,” says Isabel Perez Infante, National Category Sales Manager. “Everybody has the opportunity to be an ally and have an ally.”

Breanna Wagster, Director of Human Resources, agrees, “Allyship opportunities exist all around us, some in the smallest of forms and others with greater magnitude, but it is up to us to intentionally seek, recognize, and act on these opportunities to be better allies for others and ourselves.”

Tips for Being an Ally

Roxanne Willard, Demand/Office Manager, shares some tips for being an ally at work and in our Leggett & Platt communities.

  • Listen more than you speak to hear opportunities when allyship is needed, then step up and be an ally.
  • Look for opportunities to publicly praise people doing good work.
  • Seek the positive. Allyship is about uplifting and advocating.
  • Focus on being an ally, and the undesirables fall to the bottom of the list.

Thank you to Sarah, Isabel, Breanna, Roxanne, and the Women’s ERG leadership team for promoting allyship and doing their part to make Leggett & Platt a more inclusive, compassionate workplace.

If you are interested in joining the Women’s ERG, please reach out to a member to get started!