International Fun at Work Day: L&P Edition

April 1st was International Fun at Work Day – a reminder that work doesn’t have to be a fun-free zone!

Studies show that having fun at work enhances communication, collaboration, and productivity. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers, so why not have some fun? We asked a few of our colleagues around the world to share how they have fun at work and with their teams:

In a world where connections are virtual and desks are miles apart, our team thrives on laughter that echoes through digital corridors. In our remote realm, every meme is a high-five, and every GIF is a nod of understanding. We’re not just a team – we’re a meme-dream machine that delivers on turning pixels into punchlines and delivering world class dad jokes one day at a time.
Ryan Fissinger, Manager of Service Desk, United States

“We sing some motivational local language songs together – it gives us a new team spirit to work efficiently and uplift our environment and mood. We often find hidden talents during these times! We also chit chat. If someone is feeling down at work, we have breakout conversations to combat tiredness.”
Women at Branch 0669, India

When we finish a call, we say, ‘Leg dich wieder hin‘ – ‘lay down again’ – as a joke to imply that our colleagues aren’t working hard. We also like to joke during our breaks and talk about what we did during the weekend or previous days. If the weather is good, we take walks together around our facility.
Andreas Wagner, Quality Manager, Germany

“During breaks, I have fun with colleagues through games, activities like walking, and sharing experiences. At least once a week, my team and I do something together to unwind, like having lunch, eating ice cream, going to the market, or holding a happy hour. We also hold special meetings on commemorative dates.”
Jackson Souza, Junior Planning Analyst, Brazil