Automotive India Celebrates International Women’s Day

Our Automotive team in India celebrated International Women’s Day with a cake cutting, talent show, gifts, and by sharing words of appreciation:

“It’s been a great opportunity to work with L&P. Right now, I am working as an agency employee, and I want to become a company trainee. I’m giving my best and expecting it every day because our company provides a safe and good environment for women.”
“L&P helps me in many ways. I am a single mom, and my job helps me meet my kids’ daily and educational needs. Also, the work atmosphere at L&P is very safe.”
“The respect for women at L&P is top-notch. My salary is delivered on time and the shifts are also very convenient for me and my family’s schedule.”
“L&P is a good company, treating agency employees like me well.”
Meena Kumari

Check out some of the photos from their celebration below!

Women at the branch showed unity by forming a human chain and figure 8 to mark International Women’s Day being on March 8.