Efficiency and Safety: Bill Jiang’s Career at L&P

From taking on new responsibilities to learning new skills, our colleagues have shown dedication and commitment to their careers. This month, we’re sharing some of their stories related to professional growth.

Bill Jiang has been with L&P for more than 20 years and was one of the first three employees who helped build the riveting line when our branch in Jiaxing, China, was established in 2002. Throughout his career, Bill has been a champion of continuous improvement and keeping his colleagues safe. His it’s-never-too-late-to-learn attitude helped him take advantage of many training opportunities at L&P.

In 2006, Bill was working as a shift leader and underwent training to optimize the riveting line. After returning from training, the riveting line exceeded the daily capacity limit of 3,000 pieces. A year later, Bill became the supervisor of the riveting line, and under his leadership, riveting efficiency increased by 33%. He received “Excellent Employee” and “Excellent Shift Leader” awards many times.

In 2012, Bill became the production manager of the riveting line. In this role, he took managed more riveting lines, addressed capacity challenges, and supported staff management. His local government in Jiaxing recognized him as one of the “Outstanding Employees of Xiuzhou District.”

In 2018, Bill became the Senior Manager of the Production Department, becoming responsible for all production lines and for environmental health and safety. Two years later, Bill was promoted to Director of the Production Department, which is his current role. During his leadership, he has implemented many safety improvements, such as installing infrared foot pedals at the riveting lines to reduce finger-related work injuries, and was granted the “Advanced Safety Management Award” by his government in 2022.

We’re excited to see where Bill goes from here!