L&P Automotive Team Celebrates Pongal

Our Automotive team in India recently celebrated Pongal – a Hindu harvest festival that marks the beginning of the month called Thai and is celebrated by people with ties to Tamil Nadu, India.

Lasting for four days, Pongal involves new beginnings, giving thanks, and strengthening communal ties. Families clean their homes, remove unwanted items, and decorate the entrances of their homes with kolam – beautiful floor patterns created from rice flour. They also gather together for festive meals, which includes boiling pots of pongal – a traditional mix of rice and milk. During the festival, the community honors Surya, the Sun God, and cattle for helping bring a bountiful harvest.

Pugazhendi M.

To celebrate, our colleagues in India gathered for a small pooja (worship ceremony), played games, and created kolam. A couple of our colleagues shared their thoughts on the celebration:

Pugazhendi, Manufacturing Department, said, “I liked participating in our event and was thrilled to win the pot break challenge. Every year during Pongal, L&P gives us time to spend with family, and I’m grateful for that. I’m looking forward to more special events in the future.”

E. Sharath Kumar

E. Sharath Kumar, Manufacturing Department, shared, “Pongal is a fun-packed event that keeps us engaged and united. I had a lot of fun participating in the activities and got second place during one of the games.”

Check out some of the photos from the event below!