New Year, New Perspectives: Justine Kimbel

To kick off 2024, we’re introducing you to several of our newest colleagues, and we’d like you to meet Justine Kimbel! Justine is a Sustainability Coordinator.

What brought you to L&P?

I was instantly drawn to L&P when I saw that a company with such a significant global presence in design and manufacturing was looking to get ahead in sustainability. After three years of research and advising small-scale start-ups on sustainable business practices, impacts of environmental policy, circularity of production, and sourcing of responsible materials, I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience by applying it to a global scale. I have a deep curiosity for understanding how business operations reflect society’s relationship with the environment, and L&P stood as an incredible opportunity to build, grow, and enhance that relationship. As a leader in innovation, quality, and comfort, L&P’s ambition to raise the bar and create lasting positive impact is something I knew I wanted to be a part of.

What are you enjoying about your role so far?

The highlight of my role has been the people I have worked with thus far. There is a strong sense of community throughout Leggett, and it has made me feel incredibly welcome. Adjusting to a new role can be challenging and confusing, but thanks to the generous help and guidance from everyone I have worked with, I’ve been able to jump in with ease.

What’s something unique about you?

When I’m not spending my free time exploring coastlines or mountains, I am playing acoustic guitar and writing music. I’ve performed as a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Scotland, and England. I love hosting music get-togethers with family and friends and enjoy sharing the universally understood language of music.

Have you set any personal or professional goals for yourself?

A personal goal I have set for myself is to be a go-to resource for sustainable business practices. Through professional experience on L&P’s Sustainability Team to industry conferences and opportunities for specialized education, I hope to build a personal network that allows for sharing ideas, innovations, and communities that all work to create a better, more sustainable future.

Our four company values are Put People First, Do the Right Thing, Do Great Work Together, and Take Ownership and Raise the Bar. What does it mean to you to Do Great Work Together?

To Do Great Work Together is to create a strong network of knowledge and resources that champions each person’s skills. The mindset of working as a team, knowing who to ask for help, feeling confident in your voice, and knowing that everyone has each other’s back creates a positive, productive, and closely-knit environment.