New Year, New Perspectives: Ciara Coleman

To kick off 2024, we’ve been introducing you to several of our newest employees. Next up, meet Ciara Coleman! Ciara is a Litigation Attorney in our Legal department.

What brought you to L&P? 

When I was recruitedI worked in casualty litigation at a trucking company and was curious if I would be a good fit because I didn’t have a background in manufacturing. However, the more I researched Leggett and the culture here, the more convinced I became that this would be a great fit. 

What tipped the balance was seeing the investment into Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E). For me, that showed that Leggett is a company that values diverse perspectives and fosters a culture of growth and openness to change. That’s been affirmed in every interaction I’ve had so far.

What are you enjoying about your role so far? 

So many things! Every day presents a challenge. Something new is always coming across my desk, which allows me to learn more about the business, the law, and our internal processes. I am thankful that my manager and department have a culture of curiosity that encourages everyone to learn from others and allows space to ask questions, collaborate on solutions, and meet with leaders across the company. I have learned so much in my role and know that I have so much more ahead of me, but I am grateful to be in an environment that will foster that growth and provide encouragement along the way.

What’s something unique about you? 

I write short stories and am a competitive baker in my spare time!

Have you set any personal or professional goals for yourself? 

My biggest goal is to further my knowledge in my current role. There is no greater teacher than experience, and the second-best teacher is someone who has already had that experience. So, most of my focus will be on learning from people within my department and throughout the organization. As part of that process, I look forward to growing my professional network and learning from those within it.

What does it mean to you to Do the Right Thing? 

From my experience, when you are faced with the decision to do the right thing, you are in a place where IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and values are out of alignment. In that situation, you must have the courage and integrity to make decisions based on values, not past habits, personal needs, or popularity. However, doing the right thing does not stop when a decision is made, or an action is taken; it is a continual process, a mindset of viewing every action through the lens of our values and being willing to question when those are not aligned.