Many Cultures, Shared Values

As a global company, we come from many backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, and what unites us is how we work together to support one another and help L&P grow.

Our four company values — Put People First, Do the Right Thing, Do Great Work Together, and Take Ownership and Raise the Bar — are a set of shared principles that guide our decisions, actions, and relationships. At L&P, we:

  • put people first by prioritizing safety and care for each other, offering learning and development opportunities, demonstrating trustworthiness, and creating an inclusive environment of mutual respect, empathy, and belonging.
  • do the right thing by acting with honesty and integrity, delivering results the right way, taking pride in our work, and speaking the truth.
  • do great work together by engaging without hierarchy, collaborating as a team, embracing challenges, and working for the good of all of us.
  • take ownership and raise the bar by adding value and making a difference, challenging the status quo and biases, fostering innovative and creative solutions to drive impact, exploring new perspectives, and embracing change.

Throughout January, we’ll share some stories from our global teams on how they exemplify our values. You’ll also see some of our newest team members share what our values mean to them.

Has your L&P team exemplified our values at work? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at