We Have So Much to Be Grateful For

Many of our branches have hosted monthly People First local conversations this year, inviting their teams to discuss how to enhance leadership skills and strengthen inclusion by putting people first—our first company value. They covered a variety of topics, such as belonging, community involvement, and unconscious bias.

This month, our People First local conversations are centered around gratitude, which is an awareness and appreciation of the positive parts of our lives. Gratitude is something we can practice every day, whether that’s taking time to notice what’s going right or recognizing a coworker for something they’ve done that we’re thankful for. We know that building a habit of gratitude can make stronger and more connected teams and that being grateful is tied to many mental and physical health benefits, including better sleep and a decrease in anxiety and depression.

As our last local conversation of the year, we want to take a moment to share that we have so much to be grateful for—our people, values, communities, customers, products, and more. We are thankful for the opportunities to enhance lives by delivering quality products, offering empowering and rewarding careers, and doing our part to bring about a better future.


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