Prioritizing Safety at Spring Hill

Our Adjustable Bed team in Spring Hill, Florida, is prioritizing safety and living out our value of putting people first.

When recognizing that the pneumatic stapler, a tool critical to the manufacturing process, posed a safety risk, the management team met with maintenance. Together they brainstormed, tested, and implemented a safety guard made out of scrap metal from a bed base.

Since using the safety guard, there have been zero accidents with the pneumatic stapler!

“Spring Hill is committed to a safety-first mentality,” says Jeff Nickell, General Manager. “Our motto is safety, quality, and production – in that order. We want to ensure every employee goes home safe each day.”

The team is continuing to innovate safety. They are working to improve the current safety guard design while testing safety prototypes for other tools.

Thanks to the Spring Hill team for prioritizing the safety of our employees and doing great work together!