All Work and No Play? Not Today!

April 6 is International Fun at Work Day—a day to remind ourselves that work doesn’t have to be a fun-free zone.

Studies show that having fun at work enhances communication, collaboration, and productivity. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers, so let’s make it fun! Here are some ideas for you to try with your teams:

  • 👀 Two Truths, One Lie — Ask them to prepare two facts and one lie about themselves. Each person takes a turn to say their two truths and one lie without revealing what’s true and what’s not. Ask your coworkers to guess what’s true and what’s false.
  • 🔁 Would You Rather — Ask them a would-you-rather question. Here are two questions to get you started: 1. Would you rather sing every part of your work presentations or perform an interpretative dance of your presentations? 2. During work meetings, would you rather stand on one foot or sit on a child-sized chair?
  • 🍵 Tea Time — Schedule some time to share a drink or snack with your coworkers and catch up on life.
  • 💻 Group GIFs — This idea is great for virtual teams. Give your coworkers a scenario and ask them to respond with a GIF. Ask everyone to choose their favorites.