Spotlight on the Talent Acquisition Team

At L&P, our teams have creative ways to connect, collaborate, and celebrate.

Dedicated to recruiting top talent and strengthening relationships between our businesses and outside organizations, our Talent Acquisition (TA) team is no stranger to finding ways to stay engaged. We invited them to share how they stay connected across the world and do great work together.

Lauren Burns, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, said, “We look for opportunities to connect at least twice a week. Once per week, we have a team meeting where we share wins, updates to our process, and invite guest speakers from across L&P to share what’s happening in their areas, details about the professionals they seek, and what a career in their area might look like.”

The team’s second weekly meeting is shorter and focuses on a training topic about processes, tips, tricks, market trends, and new legislation. Every other week, they use this meeting to discuss a chapter of a book they’re reading together and often share how it applies to their roles at L&P. They recently read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and are currently looking for their next book.

The team also stays connected via a group chat where they share good news, updates, Q&A, and—last but not least—memes.

Thank you to the TA team for giving us a glimpse of how you do great work together!

Members of the TA Team