Celebrating Native American Heritage

Throughout the month of November, the United States celebrates Native American Heritage Month, which spreads awareness of and honors the histories, cultures, and contributions of Native people. We honor all L&P employees who celebrate Native American Heritage Month and have enriched our workplaces. 

This year, November 25 is Native American Heritage Day, and we want to provide some ways you can celebrate and honor Native American heritage:

  1. Listen to the stories of Native peoples.
    Watch and listen to the Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) 30 Stories for 30 Days of Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month.
  2. Learn about and read works by Native American writers.
    Get acquainted with these 20 Native American authors and check out their work.
  3. Visit exhibits dedicated to Native peoples.
    Explore these free online exhibits by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.
  4. Attend and support a public powwow—a celebratory Native American gathering.
    Find a local powwow here.

You can find more information about Native American Heritage Month, including resources, here: National Native American Heritage Month.