Ayudha Pooja: Honoring the Tools of Our Professions

L&P Automotive India recently celebrated Ayudha Pooja—meaning “worship of instruments”—as part of the Hindu festival Navaratri. The custom of pooja (Hindu prayer ritual) gives worshippers an opportunity to honor the tools and instruments used in their professions and to recognize the divine force behind these objects that provides prosperity.

This year, Navaratri was celebrated from September 26 to October 4, and Ayudha Pooja was commemorated on October 4. During the celebration, our teams decorated the entrances to the branch with fruit trees and colorful rangolis—art patterns created on the floor. Tools and machinery were deep cleaned, polished, and covered with turmeric and sandalwood paste. They were also adorned with floral garlands and fruits. To invite positive energy and protection, a Hindu priest performed homa rituals as offerings to the gods and sprayed holy water throughout the branch.

Following the celebration, a day of rest was given to the branch’s tools and machines as a sign of respect.

The entrance to L&P Automotive India is decorated with fruit trees and rangolis.
Employees perform pooja near a Navaratri Golu display lined with dolls, figurines, gods, and goddesses. Kalasam pots are adorned with fruits and flowers for pooja.
Tools, machinery, and other objects used for work are adorned with flowers and fruits.
A woman lights an oil lamp to start the celebration. Offerings surround and sit on a brick altar for the homa rituals.