Honoring Veteran Employees at L&P

In the U.S., Veterans Day honors all who have served our country in times of war or peace – and is largely intended to thank veterans for their sacrifices. Today, L&P gives special thanks to the many veteran employees who bring their talents to our company.

Chris Hoven, Manager of Talent Acquisition at L&P, served in the Army for 8 years. He now uses his own experience transitioning to a civilian career to guide veterans through the interview process.

Members of our Armed Forces develop valuable skills throughout their service. Junior enlisted members are generally part of a small team where they are able to develop skills in both collaboration and leadership. Enlisted leaders earn valuable experience in managing people and operations. Others gain knowledge in specialized areas such as HR, supply chain management, and IT.

Unfortunately, a transition from the military to a civilian career can be accompanied by challenges. Many service members join directly out of high school and serve a minimum of 4 years. There is often a disconnect between military and civilian experiences, which can make the interview process uncomfortable.

“Trying to translate my experiences in the military to the civilian world was difficult,” says Chris Hoven, Manager of Talent Acquisition at L&P. “I was an infantry officer in the Army and led a platoon in a combat arms unit. Service members in roles like mine often struggle to translate what we have done in the military into civilian terms. When recruiting a former service member, I try to use my own experience to support them through that process.”

With Chris’ guidance, L&P continues to work toward developing training and resources to help communicate military achievements in a way that non-military recruiters and hiring managers will understand. They also try to match veterans with roles at L&P which can benefit from their unique experience. Ultimately, Chris believes that it is our people who help facilitate that journey.

“Most veterans will speak to the high level of comradery they had with their fellow service members. In the military, you’re one team working together towards a common goal,” says Chris. “I see that reflected at L&P. Our people are great to work with and are always willing to help one another.”