Hanes Fabric Enters the Retail Market with Muslin

Muslin bolts at a retailer in Joplin, MO (left) and Hanes Dye and Finishing, Winston Salem, NC (right)

When Hanes Industries joined L&P in 1993, they focused mostly on the furniture, bedding, and automotive markets, making them a great fit with L&P’s existing endeavors. Since then, they have expanded into other fabric markets including drapery, packaging, geosynthetics, landscaping and more.

Hanes Fabric’s new line of muslin utilizes the same high-quality processes and finishes that their brand is known for. It is a very versatile fabric which is used in a variety of crafting applications including quilting, home décor, pattern making, and other art projects. Currently, our facility produces both bleached (white) and unbleached (natural) fabrics.

In the past, Hanes Fabric sold only through wholesale transactions with other manufacturers or distributors. However, the new muslin line is being sold directly to retailers like Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Walmart, Joann’s, and Fabric.com.

“Hanes Fabrics is a recognizable name for buyers,” says Danny Campolieta, Senior Product Manager for HCC/HFC Wovens. “What makes this new project so exciting is that it places our fabrics directly in front of those end consumers. Muslin is a staple in the craft market and a great opportunity for our brand to expand upon in the retail space.”

Those interested in placing a muslin order should contact a sales representative at hanescompanies.com