New Year, New Perspectives: Rigo Marquez

To kick off 2021, we’ve introduced you to several of our recent hires and have shared their thoughts on the year ahead.

Meet our final employee in this series – Rigo Marquez, Sourcing Director at L&P!

What brought you to Leggett?
I’ve interacted with members of the Leggett team before and always thought highly of the work environment here. It was important to me to join a company that treats their employees well. I have a Mechanical Engineering Degree and finally, the right job just came along. I appreciate that L&P applies technically savvy people in commercial sourcing applications to work with engineering, manufacturing, and suppliers.

I was nervous to make such a big transition during COVID-19. However, my previous experience in related products and commodities made the learning curve a bit easier. I’m very happy I made the choice to join the team.

What’s something surprising about you?
I’ve whitewater rafted about 20 different rivers throughout the world. Every time I had to stay a weekend in a foreign city for business, I’ve also visited the area’s zoo or museum.  I couldn’t even tell you the zoo count – but its higher than my rivers count.

I also enjoy working on cars and motorcycles as a hobby. I probably have more of each than what I care to admit to my wife. Lovely thing is that she tolerates me.

What’s your biggest goal for 2021?
The one nice thing about Supply Chain is that its all numbers driven – very black and white. Because of this, my 2021 work goals are very specific. On a personal level,  I’m teaching myself more about robotics.

The ultimate goal is to teach my son more skillsets for his future, too – that will be the most fun.