Part 2: Teams & Tech at Super Sagless

As we shared last week, employees at L&P’s Super Sagless and Omega facilities in Tupelo, Mississippi produce the mechanisms that make many household chairs recline or swivel. their jobs are safer, cleaner, and easier due to the technologies they utilize there  including robotics!

However, for many of their employees, their supportive culture is just as important. Team members genuinely care about each other — and take pride in helping their coworkers succeed. To learn more, we asked several more employees to describe, in their own words, what they love most about working at Super Sagless:

Jasmine Montalvo has worked as a Quality Control Auditor at Super Sagless for 2 years. Her role is to check the accuracy and tolerance of parts against their blueprints. She conducts internal audits every month using the NCMR and LP9000 systems. “Throughout my day, I check welds, part dimensions, the accuracy of punches, and watch for unsafe burrs on parts,” says Jasmine. “It’s my responsibility to ensure all our parts are being produced consistently. I enjoy being able to interact with my coworkers and to help them improve their processes and productivity.”

Mary Heard has worked on the Janitorial Staff at Super Sagless for 6 years. “I love the environment at this facility,” she says. “There is very little pressure from my managers, and they trust me with ensuring the facility is clean and disinfected. I take a lot of pride in the fact that I am helping to save lives.”

Joscelyn Nunn has enjoyed her position as an Assembly Table Operator for over 4 years. ” I’ve always liked putting things together and using my hands to craft,” says Joscelyn. “Being on the assembly side of the plant fits me perfectly. The work environment here is very friendly and our management is understanding, too.”