Part 1: Teams and Tech at Super Sagless

Employees at L&P’s Super Sagless and Omega facilities in Tupelo, Mississippi produce the mechanisms that make many household chairs recline or swivel. However, their jobs are safer, cleaner, and easier due to the technologies they utilize there  including robotics!

“Manufacturing jobs can be dirty and exhausting,” says Dustin Manning, IT administrator and technician for both facilities. “However, the welding robots, riviting machines, and automatic presses we use do the difficult work for our employees.”

The robotics also contribute to ensuring the safety of employees. There’s less risk of injury when using a robot than when the same process is completed manually. Social distancing is simple too. The robots are arranged in pods with at least 12 feet of open space surrounding them.

The jobs available at Super Sagless and Omega are certainly unique. To learn more, we asked several employees to describe, in their own words, what they love most about their job:

Jade Montalvo works as an assembler at Super Sagless. Each day, she’s assigned to a new area of the facility. “I’ve been able to learn all of the manufacturing processes and components we use here,” she says. “It’s also allowed me to build relationships with all my coworkers. I enjoy being able to support them wherever I’m needed most.”

Maria Hamlin has worked as a Ring Machine Operator for three years. “I enjoy working alone with my machine and the repetitiveness of the job,” says Maria. “It’s relaxing. Our supervisors support us because we all want the same thing — to meet our production goals every day. My ring machine makes that much easier.”

Latasha Henderson has been a Robot Operator at Super Sagless for over 6 years. “I love the independence of this job. I move at my own pace, set my own daily production schedule, and work around friends who really care about me,” says Latosha. “I always enjoy some friendly competition with my partner on the sister robot, too.” These sister robots work side by side to produce the same parent part.

Omega and Super Sagless are both hiring for roles in their manufacturing facilities! You can apply for open positions at Omega here and Super Sagless here, both located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Keep following our blog to learn more about the positions and culture offered at their facilities.