Top 5 Customer Service Skills You Can Use in Your Everyday Life

We believe customer service is more than a mindset. It’s more than the skills to make a sale or fix a problem.

Customer service is about maintaining healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial for everyone involved. You can improve your customer service at work and at home. Here are five places to start:

Empathy. Try to connect with and relate to the people in your life – from your friend Tim to your Great Aunt Tina. Putting yourself in their shoes and understanding how they feel can make all the difference when they seek your help or input.

Responsibility. Hold yourself responsible for maintaining your personal and professional relationships. If a problem arises, simply having the ability to say “I’m sorry” and “Let me try to fix it” can help ease tension and demonstrate that you’re willing to take responsibility for misunderstandings or mistakes.

Communication. Clear communication is one of the best ways to ensure that both parties understand each other’s needs. And listen up! By listening to someone, not just doing the talking, you’re actually taking the time to hear them. Asking questions can also make them feel valued and respected.

Creativity. Break up your normal, routine decisions. Collaborate with new colleagues at work or discover a random activity to do with your family. Simple choices like these exercise your creative mind, which comes into play when you need to solve a problem or simply keep boredom at bay.

Positivity. A good attitude shows others that you’re truly motivated to be there for them, which helps the other four tips also fall into place. You’ve got this!