Top 5 Tips to (Actually) Reach Your Goals

We all have goals in life — both personal and professional. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to gather up the motivation to make that first step toward reaching them. Here are our favorite ways to set yourself up for success:

1. Be realistic. Those lofty goals may seem motivating at first, but can quickly become overwhelming. Try setting smaller, more attainable objectives to boost your morale and keep you moving toward success.

2. Use the Five-A-Day Rule. Develop a pattern of consistently completing five small tasks each day toward your goals. Small steps will eventually add up to big wins!

3. Take care of yourself. When you’re stressed out and overworked it’s difficult to focus. Make your health (and your sanity) a priority in any goal plan.

4. Keep score. Recording your wins can add to the competition, especially when you’re counting down the clock. If it helps, make a visual chart to keep yourself on track until the finish line.

5. Join forces. Sharing goals with a friend may add some pressure, but accountability can be a great thing. Encourage them to share theirs too — then celebrate each success together!