Top 5 Ways to Relax Over the Holidays

We’ve worked really hard this year, but a bit of downtime with loved ones — or even some time to yourself — will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and excited to take on 2020. We asked a few of our employees to share their favorite ways to relax as we head into the holiday season. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Spend time in the kitchen…. or outdoors. I enjoy cooking dinner with my family — especially when we get to experiment with new ingredients. I’m also an avid hunter. Hopefully, we’ll have a nice duck to roast before the new year! Matt Haas, Materials Planner

2. Go fishing! It becomes a competition between my husband and I to see who can catch the most or largest fish. Usually he out-fishes me, but there are a few occasions when I get the victory. Boy do I rub it in! Melissa McAskill, Human Resources Manager, Ennis Spring

3. Cheer on your family. I relax by watching my kids sporting events (just maybe not when I’m loudly suggesting they play better defense). It takes my thoughts away from whatever else is consuming them and allows me to be present in that moment. Susan Lee, Sr. Credit Manager II – Remote Specialist

4. Stretch yourself… literally. I really enjoy yoga as a way to relax.  In addition to the physical benefits, it’s a great way to decompress after a stressful day. Ashly Farmer, Paralegal & Billing Administrator

5. Do nothing. For me, relaxation is a lazy, Saturday morning in bed with my family — coffee cup in hand, of course! Chris Cochran, Human Resources Manager, Logistics