Everyday Life According to a VP of Sales: “No Two Days Are The Same”

This month, we continue to highlight people, places, and products within our Furniture Products segment. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Patrick Third, who works within our Seating Components division.

Meet Patrick Third, VP of Sales for the Central Region.

Every day, Patrick travels across the central United States to help bring comfort solutions to furniture. He works to sell not just recliners or rockers, but also the sinuous wire (springs), webbing, and foam edging in stationary furniture.

What was your background prior to L&P?

I guess it starts in college where I played football for WKU after many years in sports. I started as a quarterback and ended as a cornerback.

Patrick at Interzum 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design.

(A couple of fun facts for sports fans: 1. I played for Jack Harbough. 2. My position coach was Willie Taggart who now coaches my favorite team FSU. Go Noles!)

I bartended in college, which I believe was the greatest preparation for my upcoming future in customer service. I also became a carpenter, performing various upgrades to homes and businesses. I specialized in installing custom hardwood flooring from start to finish.

What does a normal day in sales look like for you?

Coffee. Then maybe a little more coffee.

Depending on the various projects on my plate, my day begins with my follow-ups. This means I’m constantly in touch with our customers, following up on products I introduced to them. I also engage with our engineers on the various projects they have in the works.

I’d say I travel close to 60–70% of the time. My sales responsibilities cover the central United States, from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border. The majority of my travel is focused in Mississippi to Northeastern Tennessee.

I’m also consistently communicating with my team. Each day starts with touching base and offering my support on projects in motion. Being available to them is key.

Also, coffee.

What’s challenging about your job?

Every day is a challenge. If it wasn’t, would it be any fun?

The most challenging aspect for me is time away from family. With a wife and three kids, there’s a lot to miss when I’m traveling for work. However, I’ve learned a valuable lesson over the years: Missing out on the quantity of time means I’ve really got to strive to put in quality  time once I’m back home.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

For starters, I love the diverse challenges. There is something incredibly gratifying about finding next steps or solutions to unexpected issues. I thoroughly enjoy the growth and knowledge from thinking critically each day.

Next, I love that no two days are the same. I honestly never know the direction the day will take me or where it will end up. It keeps me on my toes.

Finally, I’m motivated by “the close.” Seeing a product or project grow from an idea, come to life in production, and proudly end on a showroom floor is the reason I do this job.

*Side note: My wife would tell you I also love the competition. Maybe it’s just my nature or background in sports, but I really love beating our competitors. Knowing we have the greatest product and the greatest team behind the product means that we are the best!