Top 5 Tips to Infuse Creativity into Your Work Life

Creative thinking and unique ideas are important in almost every job at L&P, yet it’s easy to feel uninspired in the middle of a busy day. We reached out to Marketing + Creative employees Sandi Longman (Interior Designer), Scott Clark (Creative Director), and Cody Langford (Art Director – Commercial Products) for their Top 5 Tips on infusing more creativity into your work life.

1. Plan time to think. All three agreed — it is crucial to allow yourself time to explore a variety of directions at the start of a project. Each new idea will inspire another and the best solution will eventually reveal itself.

2. Carry a sketchbook, notebook, or journal. According to Cody, it can be helpful to physically write your thoughts or notes down. “Making your ideas visual helps to get them out of your head and allows you time to process while you do other things.”

3. Set the mood. For a relaxed, creative space, lighting is key. “I reduce the overhead lights and add a couple of lamps to create a warmer atmosphere,” Sandi says. “This creates a more comfortable environment. You’ll feel as if you’re in your own home office instead of a corporate setting.”

4. Surround yourself with creativity. Access to interesting objects can inspire imaginative thinking. “I personally enjoy my collection of kitschy objects, vintage electronics, and business attire. There is so much inspiration in a $3 suit of polyester glory,” says Scott. A visible mood board can also inspire, adds Sandi. “Pinning up cutouts or pictures that trigger certain feelings or emotions always helps.”

5. Brainstorm! Gather a team and unleash everyone’s ideas onto a whiteboard. Input from a coworker during a brainstorm session can turn into a promising option or new direction. This list is a great example.