5 Office Must-Haves: Claudia Lugo in Credit

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way than by seeing a few of their favorite things?

Claudia’s role: Credit Manager I – Remote Specialist

Job in a nutshell: Finding ways to control, reduce, or eliminate higher-risk transactions with international customers by doing evaluations of creditworthiness.

  1. Space heater – I try to bring summer inside my office! Since I’m a cold-blooded person, I’m freezing all. the. time. So, my heater is one of my essential items!
  2. Snacks – I definitely need to be snacking through the day or I can’t make it. I typically have a protein bar and green tea during the morning, and fruit and spicy Mexican candy in the afternoon. (Yes, the Mexican candy must be spicy to keep me going.)
  3. My computer – Obviously this is a must-have item for most professionals. In my role, I’m responsible for the collection of accounts receivables within the agreed-upon terms, and a lot of this day-to-day activity happens on my computer.
  4. Colorful pens – Who said reports need to be boring in black and white?
  5. Headset & phone – As much as I love email, I also make a lot of phone calls to other Leggett locations. It’s always nice to talk to other L&P employees and put a voice to the name!

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