Top 5 Ways to Develop Your Professional Self

When it comes to navigating a career, Alissa Owsley really knows her stuff.

As Director of Learning & Development, she spends every day creating and improving training opportunities here at L&P. We asked her to share her Top 5 tips to develop yourself professionally. Here are her thoughts:

1. Be the boss! If you’re waiting for your manager or the company to hand you development opportunities on a golden platter, you’ve already failed. No one cares more about your professional growth than you. Stop waiting, grab the steering wheel, and be the boss of your own career development!

2. Get comfortable with discomfort. True change happens outside of your comfort zone. If you want to develop professionally, you’re going to have to face a little discomfort. Challenge yourself to take on tasks or assignments that stretch the limits of your abilities.

3. Build a social network. No, I don’t mean jumping on Facebook. There is a deep, abiding truth to the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” If you stay in your office, and eat with the same people every day in the cafeteria, you’re going to go nowhere fast. Put your name and face in the minds of influencers.

4. Slide sideways. Gone are the days where career advancement means climbing an invisible ladder. Be open to lateral moves. Experience is invaluable wherever it may be found.

5. Get a coach. We all have blind spots when it comes to our own abilities and attitude. Find someone you trust to coach you on the road to professional development. We all need another set of eyes to navigate the career obstacles in our path.