5 Office Must-Haves: Grey Allder in IT

If you want to get to know Leggett & Platt, you should get to know our people first. What better way than by seeing a few of their favorite things?

Grey’s role: Advanced Network Analyst

Job in a nutshell: Assisting to install, configure, and monitor Corporate’s servers and file storage appliances, as well as assisting with server-based applications and utilities.

  1. Travel Book – I just got back from a vacation to Europe! Before I left, I enjoyed thumbing through the book during lunch. It was exciting to plan out my trip!
  2. Coffee – Morning and afternoon coffee helps maintain my focus throughout the day.
  3. A Favorite Photo – I remember the day this was taken of me and my girlfriend. I recently moved from Arkansas, and seeing this photo reminds me that I moved here, in part, to be closer to her. I’m grateful to have landed an opportunity with L&P.
  4. Backpack – In addition to holding my work laptop, it holds a few tools in case I need to go perform some work on a server.
  5. Pad of Paper – When I need to remember something important about an application or server, it helps me to write it down as opposed to just typing it out.

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