We Know Wire

ShapedWire, part of our L&P Wire Group, has been a leader in the wire industry since the 1960s.

Our products range from flat wire, metallizing, chub wire and clip wire, and aluminum round wire — and don’t quote us, but we may have just broken the record for number of times ‘wire’ was used in one post.


With various sizes and materials, our flat wire can be matched to your specific requirements. We help design wire to fit your applications and work with you to select the right wire for you.


Metallizing is a commercial process in which a layer of vaporized metal is deposited onto flexible film or paper for packaging applications. The wire we provide is drawn to specific customer specifications.


The food packaging industry uses small metal clips to seal a variety of different products, ranging from cookie dough to breakfast sausage.¬†We’re recognized by the leading packaging equipment manufacturers for superior performance and compatibility. We can produce clip wire in both aluminum and steel!


The aluminum round wire market encompasses a wide range of products and uses, and is a good choice for many applications because of its superior corrosion resistance and light weight.