Women in Leadership: Meet Griselda Ramos

“Take risks! Dive in! If you see a project of interest, volunteer for it. This marks you as a go-getter and someone who can be trusted with even more.”

Griselda Ramos has excellent insights for people early in their careers. She started her own career with Leggett 18 years ago as a Staff Accountant. “One of the things which really attracted me to Leggett straight out of school was handling several different kinds of accounting. There’s always a different flavor to what I’m doing!”

Griselda has worked in several roles during her tenure with Leggett. “I slowly moved my way up to Senior Accountant, Assistant Controller, and then Controller.” She currently serves as Regional Controller for our Fashion Bed Group (FBG).

Griselda and friends

Griselda Ramos (left) pictured with a few of her colleagues. From left to right are Wanda Bonilla (Customer Support Manager), Linda Hickey (Sr. VP of Operations for FBG), Debbie Choate (Customer Service Manager), and Julie Kee (HR Manager).

Her dedication and consistent performance are precisely why her manager nominated her for the Emerging Leader Academy, a Leggett program that provides training and development for our emerging leaders. “The Academy has been extremely beneficial,” she said. “It has really forced me to ask, ‘What can I do better in my role?’ and ‘What could I do differently for the company?’”

“The articles and discussions within the Academy have allowed me think critically, plus I get to work alongside colleagues who I wouldn’t normally work with. I can ask them for input on many fronts.”

Taking on a leadership role is not always without challenges, but Griselda makes it look seamless. “I recently read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and she wrote that women aren’t often given a seat at the table, especially with respect to leading. I couldn’t relate to that when I read it.”

“My experiences as a leader,” Griselda continued, “have been no different for me as a woman than they have for anyone else. I’ve never felt that I was not given the same opportunities at Leggett as my male colleagues.”

Griselda credits much of her professional success to role models along the way and also acknowledges the opportunities they’ve presented her. “Leggett has allowed me to walk through all sorts of doors. I haven’t had a manager who didn’t let me speak my mind or take a risk. They’ve always said, ‘Yeah, go ahead! Tackle that project! You have something to say? Say it.’”

“If you’re starting out your career and notice something to improve, no matter how small, just go ahead and do it,” Griselda concluded. “Volunteering for little things can really make a big difference. Taking initiative pays off!”