A Glimpse into LP Carpet Cushion

In 1986, Leggett & Platt acquired a company that would grow to be one of its most reliably profitable divisions. At the time of the acquisition, MPI was a company based out of Fort Worth, Texas that produced bonded foam carpet cushioning. Today, LP Carpet Cushion (LPCC) is an industry leader when it comes to developing innovative products and anticipating customer needs.

Dedicated to the Customer

“Customer service is one of our biggest areas of focus,” said Jerry Wahrmund, East Coast Regional Operations Manager. Jerry joined Leggett & Platt in 1995, and he oversees five Carpet Cushion operations on the East Coast.

“We do a lot of multi-stop deliveries for our customers. Having a fast turnaround on orders is important for us. We work both with the Corporate Transportation team, as well as having our own fleets of trucks that are unique to specific branches. We want to be certain we can facilitate any special delivery needs.”

Tammy Hook, HR & Special Project Coordinator in Fort Worth, echoed Jerry. “You have to find a way to keep your customers with you. Within the market of carpet padding, we really only have a few competitors. You have to find a way to shine, beyond just trying to undercut prices. For us, we do that by providing an outstanding customer experience.”

Branch Manager Jacinto Ramos (left) with Central Regional Sales Manager Michael Moore. This September will mark Jacinto's 48th year with L&P!

Two of LPCC’s finest: Branch Manager Jacinto Ramos (left) with Central Regional Sales Manager Michael Moore. This September will mark Jacinto’s 48th year with L&P!

That emphasis on customer service, combined with outstanding quality of product, means L&P flooring products can be found in an astonishing number of buildings throughout North America. “We work directly with big box retailers,” Jerry continued, “so you can find our product in many home improvement stores. We also sell to the hospitality industry and to carpet installers. We really are everywhere.”

Rising from a Challenging Market

While producing carpet underlay may sound straightforward to someone outside the industry, LP Carpet Cushion has faced a challenging market due to downturns in the housing market as well as the rising popularity of hard flooring. Still, true to the heart of Leggett’s innovative culture, the division pushed forward and created Whisper Step®, a premium underlayment for hard surface flooring.

LP Carpet Cushion sales staff at the Dallas CCA Global Show.

Fort Worth remains the largest operation within the division, but LP Carpet Cushion has branches across the United States, from California to Pennsylvania. While the largest percentage of these locations still focus on bonded carpet cushion, this area of the business has grown to include rubber and fiber manufacturing as well.

“We take scrap polyurethane foam, grind it up, glue it back together, and make carpet padding from that. We are constantly recycling,” said Jerry.

Resourceful innovation, commitment to customer service, and adaptability in the face of a challenging industry highlight why LP Carpet Cushion has been such an important part of Leggett & Platt’s success.

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